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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Tampa prostitutes, sex shops and strip joints lust for arrival of GOP convention


Tampa’s prostitutes, strip clubs and other sex-related industries plan to cash in during the Republican Presidential convention that comes to town this week.

If history is any guide, they will do very well.

“Conventions are a time when even the most conservative and uptight types let their hair and inhibitions down,” political consultant Arnold Block tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Republicans particularly have a history of going wild at convention time.”

At previous GOP conventions, escort services, strip clubs and sex shops reported sharp increases in business.

Calls by Capitol Hill Blue to some of Tampa’s escort services showed they are booked solid for the week.

A spokesman for Mystic Kisses, an escort service that serves Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater says “companions” are in short supply for the week.  One source says the services are importing extra women from Miami and Orlando.

Sex and fetish shops are stocking extra items for the influx of Republicans.

A sales associate for Todd Couples Superstore in Tampa — a sex and fetish shop — told Capitol Hill Blue that they expect a run on their “better erotic items.”

“Republicans may be tight-asses in public but they know how to party in private,” she said.

Meanwhile, a source close to the Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said vice officers have been told to stand down during convention week to avoid catching any prominent Republicans in compromising positions.

“The city spent  lot of money attracting the convention,” the source said.  “The last thing it wants is a scandal.”

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3 thoughts on “Tampa prostitutes, sex shops and strip joints lust for arrival of GOP convention”

  1. It was an absolute circus in Boston in 2004. “Fluff” from all over the country was coming in to work the convention. The local talent cannot compete with the high priced “Chickies” from around the country. I assume the same happens at every large convention political or not.

    I’ll tell you this as a “Boy Toy” there was not enough money that would make me “Do” Pelosi back in ’04.

    • No indeed, Raven. I’ve been a Republican since Ike and I was chased all over Santa Monica by one of the leaders of the Birch Society. This was a long, long time ago but it woke me up to recognize the Religious Right as being dangerously sexy knowing all they had to do was sin and beg for forgiveness. Even after I was married these terrible hypocrits were still horrible or should I say “whorable?”

      I wish the whole party scene would get away from these conventions. I’ve attended many Secular Humanist conventions and there is little pursuing of the ladies to be found. We meet because we have a plan to be accepted as equal to any organized political group.

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