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Friday, March 1, 2024

Sex, booze, drugs and the naked truth about members of Congress


It’s no secret that members of Congress get drunk, screw around and do stupid things.

They always have and they always will.

Power is a natural aphrodisiac.

“Washington is basically a very horny city,” former lobbyist Paula Parkinson once said.

Parkinson should know. She was a free-spirited sort who cavorted with Republicans, including disgraced Illinois Congressman Tom Railsback and former vice president Dan Quayle.

“I don’t do Democrats,” Parkinson would say.

But she did Republicans…a lot of them.

Ironically, Parkinson spent party weekends with both Railsback and Quayle in Tampa — site of the upcoming Republican Presidential convention — in a condo where sex, booze and drugs dominated the agenda.

Quayle denied any improper activity with Parkinson but she tells a different story.

“We flirted a lot and danced extremely close and suggestively,” Parkinson said of the weekends in Florida. “He said he wanted to make love.”  Did they? Parkinson said they did.  She also banged Republican Delaware Rep. Tom Evans, among others.

Parkinson wold later appear in Playboy magazine as part of the nude pictorial “The women of Washington.” Her photo was explicit enough to prove she wasn’t a natural blonde.

Some claim stories about the sexual romps of elected officials isn’t news.  We at Capitol Hill Blue disagree, especially when the fun and games involve holier-than-thou family values types who preach Godliness in the daytime and screw around at night.

Hypocrites like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who replaced two wives with mistresses and enjoyed blow jobs in the front seats of cars.  Gingrich publicly dissed President Bill Cinton for his dalliances with intern Monica Lewinsky while he was bedding then committee aide Calista Bisek behind his wife’s back.  Gingirch later dumped his wife and married Bisek.

Democrats do the same things, including former powerful committee chairmen like Wilbur Mills, who frolicked with stripper Fannie Fox and Wayne Hayes, who put his mistress Elizabeth Ray on his Congressional office staff.

But Democrats don’t tout family values as vehemently and hypocritically as Republicans.

According to published reports, Florida Rep. Steve Southerland, another holier-than-thou right winger, stripped down with his daughter and other Republican Congressmen and at least one Congressional wife and plunged drunk into the Sea of Galilee last year during a taxpayer-funded junket to Israel.

Southerland claims it was a religious experience. Did his daughter find God while cavorting in the altogether in the water with a bunch of old-fart Republicans?

Holier-than-thou Republicans sometimes find themselves in hot water because of the antics of their staffs. Jessica Cutler worked for GOP Senator Mike DeWine from Ohio while authoring a racy blog that brought temporary fame, scandal, a lawsuit and a Playboy pictorial.

There used to be an old joke about the differences between Democrats and Republicans.  Two examples:

Republican men always marry Republican women but they date Democratic girls first to have a little fun.

Democrats make love with the lights on and curtains open…and shouldn’t.  Republicans make love with the lights out and curtains drawn…and needn’t.

But the old fogeys of the Grand Old Party apparently know how to party when the doors are closed and then they get downright haughty when some of their sexual romps come to light.

When those sexual romps involve members of the same sex, the hypocrisy meter goes off the scale.

How many Republicans rant and rail against homosexuals and then turn out to be either bi-sexual or gay?

Many:  Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Mike Huffington, Jim Kolbe, Steve Gunderson, and others.

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    • Sure you do. Did you never forget to turn on the burner? A few more years and you will understand a real “senior moment.” I have a 23 year old cat who can no long locate her cat bed and has now found the perfect place to sleep. She is in my dresser drawer where I keep my undies and bras. I use a lavender dryer sheet and she must love it. I now leave it open and at this moment she is snoozing with her long black tail hanging over the edge. She is having a “senior – senior” moment. In human years she is 160 years old.

  1. Ah shit Doug. I too have senior moments :(. I always move my fryin pan to the back burners from the front burners, just in case I forget to turn the front burners off. Wow senior moments %$#$#@

  2. Now I understand why these guys spend all their time raising money to stay in office. 🙂 Make sense , you can’t beat these kinds of perks!

  3. In the list above, that mentioned the Republicans who had gotten into sexual predicaments, if I’m not correct, I believe Tom Foley was Speaker of the House as a Democrat. Did I read this wrong? Speaker Foley was from Spokane Washington and a long time friend of my uncles who were rabid Republicans. They shared the same romping with the ladies and sometimes laddies. They were true politicians…

    • Unless one of the editors got to this before now and fixed a typo, the list says “Mark Folry, who was a Republican congressman from Florida. It might have said “Tom” before but it was supposed to say “Mark.”. Hell, I don’t know. Some people my age have senior moments. I have senior weeks. 🙂

      • Doug, I live in a world of senior weeks. I’m at the point where I can’t see, can’t hear, and can’t remember itshay. I hit 80 on my next birthday but we both can out-think Mitt Romney.

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