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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Social issues offer the best contrast between Obama, Romney

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Many disenfranchised voters say there really isn’t much difference in America’s two controlling political parties or the candidates for President.

But Campaign 2012 finds sharp differences on social issues and the so-called “culture wars.”

The campaigns of incumbent President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP challenger Mitt Romney offer stark contrasts on hot button issues like aboriton, same-sex marriages, women’s rights, religion and the role of government in our lives.

Obama supports same-sex marriage. Romney does not.

Romney opposes abortion rights for women.  Obama is pro-choice.

Obama thinks government should provide more protections and control over the lives of all Americans.

Romney does not.

Both sides say they support tax cuts but differ on how those cuts should be applied.  Obama wants to tax the rich. Romney supports tax loopholes that protect the wealthiest Americans.

Voters tell pollsters they want more leadership and action on the economy.  Both sides agree the economy is the primary issue in the campaign but differ on how to fix the problems, but the differences are not as great as the divide on social issues.

“Is social issues emerge as dominant factors in the campaign, this will be more of a test for voters who are polarized,” one GOP operative tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “However, as long as the economy dominates most people’s lives, the hot button issues will energize the fringe but will not be a controlling factor on Election Day.”

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2 thoughts on “Social issues offer the best contrast between Obama, Romney”

  1. Hot button issues are in place to give the two major parties the appearance of being for or against different things. They divide the electorate and help keep us from coalescing around a few main goals. This helps ensure that no matter which major party controls the government, the same agenda of fascist imperialism is projected via our military might.

    Simply look at most hot button issues. Most should not even be a consideration of constitutionally restrained federalism. Yet here we are debating birth control and same sex marriage while our economic engine collapses. Will anyone care if gays wed when we are starving to death in record numbers?

    And while you are at it, ask yourselves just who is driving the hot button issue train? The major parties themselves, the media, the rich, all of the aforementioned?

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