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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ryan gives Romney campaign much-needed boost in polls, fundraising

Romney-Ryan: A marriage made in political heaven?
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As John McCain needed in 2008, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney needed something — anything — to reinvigorate his moribund campaign for President.

Tapping Sarah Palin as a vice presidential nominee gave McCain a jump in polls, fundraising and attention.

Is Paul Ryan Romney’s Sarah Palin?  The candidate’s staff thinks so.

In a memo released Friday morning, campaign manager Matt Rhoades says selecting Ryan as Romney’s running mater has sparked a rise in the polls, an increase in fundraising and lots of activity in social media.

The campaign raised more than $10 million in the last week — $7.4 million online in the first three days — along with 45,000 more volunteers.  Social media sites have buzzed since Ryan’s selection.

“Ryan has given Romney a boost,” a long-time GOP operative tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Now we will have to see if the boost has legs.”

Comparing Ryan to Palin is a double-edged sword.  The then-governor of Alaska became an albatross for the McCain campaign as more details about her past and her shallowness on issues emerged.

Ryan’s selection has shown strength in swing states like Virginia, where the Obama campaign dispatched vice president Joe Biden for a swing through area that traditionally don’t vote Democratic.

In his memo, Rhoades argues that the Democrats are worried about the Ryan effect:

The Obama team’s increasing vitriol is a sure sign that they’re rattled by the pick. Unable to engage in an elevated policy debate, they’ve spent the past few days drowning in their own venom.


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6 thoughts on “Ryan gives Romney campaign much-needed boost in polls, fundraising”

  1. Picking Ryan was a sign of desperation and weakness not strength and sound judgment. Like McCain’s pick of Palin it showed that even at this late date RMONEY hadn’t solidified his own base. In short there is little love or trust on the right for Willard these days.

  2. Log, any bump terrified me. I have two daughters who are professional women and have chosen not to have any children. It is amazing how many of their generation have made the same choices.

    They have chosen their work along with having homes with loving husbands. They finished their education with degrees from U of C. They have no regrets for their choices. My son, on the other hand has two adult children who are just starting out with their spouses and time will tell how they progress. I stay out of their personal lives and certainly their personal choices. There is no family church to instill the guilt they do so well.

  3. Nate Silver, noted poll analyst, says there wasn’t a significant bump in the polls related to Romney choosing Ryan. 1% bump compared to a 4% typical historical bump.

  4. I agree Wayne. However, it is the women who will have to pay for the actions of the Romney Ryan program of taking us back 50 plus years, When McCain took such a bath in 2008 I figured the GOP would find a winning agenda but they had no base to promote anything other than forcing the women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. I just learned this morning that my congress woman Mary Bono Mack is fully behind Ryan. Damn, I bet Sonny is spinning in his grave. They have made the GOP a losing proposition all the way around. 50 years ago was my era and birth control was promoted as being a killer of women. A lot of our women bled to death of dirty abortions but nobody remembers that.

  5. It takes one RINO to know another RINO. Ah yes, they wrap themselves in the American flag oh so well, and they pretend to be loyal to the Constitution and the broke american people. Ryan ain’t no conservative and neither is Romney. Ryan’s votes on the Tarp, Patriot Act, big Pharma tells he is another big government republican retard. The GOP has finally found the ultimate expediency!

    Romney couldn’t beat McCain and he won’t beat Obama. Don’t fret Sandy the GOP is imploding. I am not happy about this because I sure do not like Obama’s agenda. But, on the other hand the GOP hasn’t earned it, imho.

  6. I continue to be shocked at the choices the American voters make in these Presidential/Congressional elections. I try to back away and not care how the government acts in general. It is the individual choices the government seems have the majority of social issues accepted without argument or doubt.

    American women don’t seem to appreciate the individual choices that so many of us fought for. Across the nation, family members have split on the freedoms that women want. I remember showing my grandmother my little packet of birth control pills and she literally cried when she realized what this meant to all women.

    This will be considered a criminal action if a woman is allowed to take a pill in place of having another baby. The morning after pill will be banned as it is considered murder to the Social Conservatives.

    These are not new social rules and much of America had to live with dying women who had had too many babies. These unwanted babies will be found having mothers who are 12 or 13 years old.

    Learning that Romney’s numbers went up after his choice of Paul Ryan as his V.P. brought me to tears and it is too late to expose what this will mean to American women.

    Will the churches take in these babies having babies?

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