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Monday, April 15, 2024

Romney to Obama: ‘Clean up your act’

Vice President Joe Biden: Lobbing bombs
(AP Photo/The Herald-Sun, Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez)

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney is charging that President Barack Obama is running a campaign “of enmity and jealousy and anger” and called on him to lift the tone of political discourse immediately.

Romney tells “CBS This Morning” in an interview Wednesday he believes Obama “seems to be running just to hang onto power” and that the president and Vice President Joe Biden are carrying out “a divisive effort to keep from talking about the issues.” The two campaigns got into a pitched battle Tuesday over remarks that Biden made to an audience in Danville, Va., where he charged that Republicans would seek to put people “back in chains.”

Romney says he believes the Obama campaign’s rhetoric is “demeaning to the office of the White House.”

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2 thoughts on “Romney to Obama: ‘Clean up your act’”

  1. I think the big difference from past Prez races is that for the first time a person running for office will literally lie about just about anything. Normally, this is left to over zealous aides and 3rd parties. It really looks like Romney is not up for the job. How can a person expect to deal with others when he personally says what he says. There is a big difference when an adide says something vs. when the person running says something. It is really a character flaw in Romney that could impact everyone. Can you image what he’ll do with foriegn policy?

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