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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Go ahead, elect my Mitt: Clint Eastwood endorses Romney

Clint Eastwood (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood endorsed Gov. Mitt Romney for President Friday during a fundraiser in Sun Valley, Idaho.

“Now more than ever do we need Gov. Romney,” Eastwood told supporters attending the function.  “I’m going to be voting for him.”

“He must made my day,” Romney said, borrowing a line from one of Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” movies.  “What a guy.”

The 82-year-old Eastwood said Eastwood would restore a “decent tax system” to the nation “so that there’s a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who’s paying taxes and who isn’t.”

While Hollywood’s more liberal establishment usually line up behind Democrats, Eastwood becomes the latest in a growing list of celebrities who publicly back Romney, including actor Jon Voight and singer Kid Rock.  A campaign source tells Capitol Hill Blue that other high-profile endorsements are coming.

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5 thoughts on “Go ahead, elect my Mitt: Clint Eastwood endorses Romney”

  1. Clint’s just trying to fill the John Wayne seat at the Reptile party’s Nat’l convention, later this month. He’s always been a Reptile , whose surprised he’s for Willard.

  2. But now that old Clint has “outed” himself as a radical right-wing fruitcake I’m sure you’ll be seeing him in full-dress KKK uniform night-riding through the border states. The main-stream media will present reports from thousands who saw him as he galloped through the streets of Baltimore, torch aflame and firing his pistols into the air a-lookin’ fer carpetbaggers to lynch. All Republicans do the same thing now and again. Where ye been?

  3. I’ve known Eastwood since 1982 when I had my bookstore south of Carmel. He has been a dedicated Republican since Goldwater and of course would endorse Romney. I may be the only Republican repulsed by the GOP. I worked for Goldwater’s camoaign and had hoped his agenda of promoting individual rights would have stayed within the GOP but it didn’t. In 2000 the religious right rewrote the agenda around an American God and divided the party into a terribly racist position that threw me out in the street. Of course Clint signed on with Romney, I would have as well until I learned what the GOP stood for.

    I have a nasty habit of reading both sides of the aisle and the GOP no longer has earned my support or respect. Many millionaires have given up on the GOP. I live in a large community of wealthy concerned Americans. Being a GOP member is passe at this time.

  4. Look how quickly the Rush Limbaugh and Fox news zombies forgot about Clint supposedly making a liberal Pro Obama statement in that Superbowl commercial. LOL

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