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Monday, March 4, 2024

Romney aide tells reporters: ‘Kiss my ass’

Mitt Romney press aide Rick Gorka

Presumed GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s seemingly unending string of gaffes and political missteps are leaving aides frazzled, GOP loyalists confounded and reporters gleeful as the candidate stumbles from one verbal disaster to another.

Emotions boiled over in Poland Tuesday when Romney’s traveling press secretary Rick Gorka lost his cool with reporters who shouted questions at the candidate as he walked away from Pillsudski Square.

“Kiss my ass,” Rick Gorka told the press corps. “This is a holy site for the Polish people.  Show some respect.”  When the questions persisted, Gorka shouted back: “Shove it!”

Gorka later apologized to some reporters, saying his reaction “was inappropriate.”

Sources close to the Romney campaign tell Capitol Hill Blue that Gorka “got his ass handed to him” by Romney himself when word of the outburst reached the candidate.

Inappropriate or not, Gorka’s response showcases the increasing level of frustration in the Romney camp over the Presidential contenders apparent inability to think on his feet and to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

From questioning British security at the Olympics to saying Israel’s economy is superior to the United States because of “cultural advantages” enjoyed by Israelis, Romney’s string is gaffes is growing and so is concern over his readiness for the Presidency.

“Everyone makes a mistake or two,” GOP strategist Rick Angler tell Capitol Hill Blue, “but Romney is on a roll and that is reason for concern.”

Since his gaffe in Britain last week, Romney has avoided the press.  Reporters were barred from his fundraiser in Israel.

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4 thoughts on “Romney aide tells reporters: ‘Kiss my ass’”

  1. Seems like an incredible amount of time is wasted on the TMZ press corps looking for “gotcha” journalism. I know the endless list of real and perceived faux pas by the current POTUS and now Romney is being targeted. Biden has managed to reach new levels himself with misspeaks and off handed comments.

    What I really want to know is what alternative Romney is offering for the current dismal failure that sits in the WH? Seems Mitt has really not offered up that much? Maybe I missed the memo?

  2. I agree with Woody and Sandy about the Rom. Now, to be fair, there have been some White House blunders regarding international affairs too, but if the Rom keeps this up, he’ll be more than ahead.

    I can’t believe it..I can’t believe I feel this way, but if the Rom continues to trip over his tongue…I’ll start to feel sorry for him like I did when Dan Quayle performed amazing social mistakes.

    I can identify w/ this whole mess, I say stupid stuff all the time….Thank God, millions of people are not watching me as I say it. The public life could never ever be my domain.

    I can certainly see why the Rom’s primary strategy now is the following: “Since his gaffe in Britain last week, Romney has avoided the press.”

  3. Poor, poor Gov. Romney is losing his support from the neo-cons of the GOP who managed to make more enemies with their pro-war plans to destroy Muslim nations. They put him in a terrible position of having to cater to the Evangelican/Tea Party base of subjecting the government to follow the pro-life agenda on on one hand while threatening the millions of Muslim Americans on the other hand.

    America is a diversre multi-cultural nation but he doesn’t know it. Somebody should tell him quickly…..

  4. Romney overseas still suffers from foot in mouth disease. Whose bright idea was it to send the guy that can’t speak or relate to most Americans overseas to try to understand Europe and Israel?

    The real Mitt Romney needs to stand for something and quit blowing like a discarded tissue in the political winds. That would go a long way with Americans, even when his elitist stereotypes shine through his projected image. But if the guy can’t survive a week in Europe, we can’t expect him to last 4 years in office without some major and possibly very costly gaffes.

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