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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Michele Bachmann: Suffering from diarrhea of the mouth

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Oh, just shut up (AFP Photo/Mark Wilson)

Shoot-from-the-lip Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann‘s mouth has purged verbal diarrhea once again and this time her outrageous comments brought attacks from Republicans as well as Democrats.

Her latest slip of the lip came in letters that Bachmann and four other off-the-wall Republican House members sent to the inspectors general in five government agencies claiming a longtime aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic terrorist organization.

The ludicrous claim brought swift reaction from both sides of the political aisle with Sen. John McCain condemning her actions, House Speaker John Boehner calling her words “dangerous” and even her former campaign manager Ed Rollins calling her words “foolish.”

Joining Bachmann in her latest venture into the realms of fantasy are GOP fruitcakes Rent Franks of Arizona, Louis Gohmert of Texas, Thomas Rooney of of Florida and Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia.

When word of the letters reach the staff of Capitol Hill Blue, the general reaction was a general shaking of heads. Nobody was really surprised.  Nothing is too loony for Bachmann, who steadfastly refused to back down.

Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman issued a one sentence response: “The statement still stands.”

Bachmann left her office Thursday shielded by aides and said “there’s no comment, there’s no comment” before Kotman issued his terse statement.

The target of Bachmann’s illusions is Huma Abedin, a long-time aide to Clinton and wife of disgraced Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, who quit after getting caught sharing photos of the outline of his weiner over the Internet. Abedin may be guilty of poor taste in men but that appears to be her only crime against humanity.

Abedin, the daughter of educators, is a native born American.  She is a practicing Muslim.

On Thursday, Bachmann went further over the edge when her office issued a news release headlined: “Obama’s Friends Are America’s Enemies.”

Bachmann claimed Obama is preparing to meet wit newly-elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The White House says no one-on-one meetings are planned.

Such antics are typical of Bachmann, who invents facts and goes on on tangents that only Sarah Palin would envy.  Her short-lived 2012 presidential campaign collapsed under the weight of reality.

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9 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Suffering from diarrhea of the mouth”

  1. McCarthy explained that the government is supposed to avoid the appearance of impropriety and that the congressmen were correct to question why the State Department had dramatically changed its view of the Muslim Brotherhood while Abedin has been a top adviser as Abedin’s parents and brother have all had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood

    All at the wiki link if you click on Abedin’s name in the story. I’m not a fan of Bachmann’s but perhaps it’s not all as crazy as it sounds when all facts are considered.

    • *alleged* connections. If you look carefully enough, I have genealogical connections to John of Gaunt – Does that make me a Lancastrian terrorist?

      Did everyone who went to Harvard “have connections” to the Unabomber?

      Yes. It is as crazy as it sounds, if not more so. Dredging up wacky conspiracy theories doesn’t help.

        • Yes, I am. I question everything. I was raised by a Vietnam combat veteran who was drafted and thrown into a rice field to get shot up. They poisoned him with Agent Orange and fought for years claiming it caused him no harm. They spit on him when he got home. To say I don’t trust the government is an understatement.

          What’s amazing is 4 congressmen and a former Assistant United States Attorney ask to have the matter looked into and they are attacked as crazy. Were her parents and brother part of the Muslim Brotherhood? Beats me. Apparently we aren’t even going to be allowed to ask the question.

          Not coincidentally, I almost always believe the opposite of what John McCain says. Hasn’t failed me in most instances. The guy is a serial liar.

          Bill, you just wish you could be me. What do boots taste like?

  2. Wow, Doug, your last line above has to be one of the best lines I’ve read all week: “Her short-lived 2012 presidential campaign collapsed under the weight of reality.”

    Do you think she might be buckin’ to be a new, female version of Senator Joe McCarthy — enemies list and all?…Maybe she’d like to chair a revamped “House on Un-American Activities Investigation”?….And, then we can all relive those wonderful, happy times of ruined reputations and devastated careers.

  3. Bill, like thousands of other Republicans, she is driven by a minority of delusional Americans who have nothing in the way of values to back. Too many have no academic background in the many religious groups that came here for the freedom of religion. My fears of ignorance infiltrating into our congressional members has developed a huge number of voters who demand that other religions be declared our national enemies. Somehow killing members of other religions has becomre our national agenda.

    This has become a problem all over the globe.

  4. What does the GOP expect? They encourage loons like Bachmann, their members boo gay servicemen who serve overseas, and they applaud an express lane for the death penalty.

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