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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Gunman kills 12, wounds 50 in Colorado theater showing “The Dark Knight Rises”

Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado (BBC)

A gunman opened fire, killed 12 and wounded at least 50 overnight at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater where patrons gathered to watch the premiere of a new film that has generated debate and is decried as an “anti-Romney conspiracy” by the right wing.

The gunman, wearing a bullet-proof vest and a gas mask, fired into the crowd of patrons who came to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” at the Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Some of the wounded are children, one as young as six years old, police sources tell Capitol Hill Blue.

Aurora police chief Dan Oates said officers captured a 24-year-old white male suspect in a rear parking lot of the theater.

“He did not resist,” police spokesman Dan Fania said.  “He did not put up a fight.”

Police recovered a handgun and rife in the arrest and found another gun in the theater.

“The Dark Knight,” starring Christian Bale, is the highly-anticipated final chapter in the Batman trilogy.  The film has come under fire from the right wing for what they see as a liberal political theme.  Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has labeled the film “an anti-Romney conspiracy.”

The death toll has changed over the morning with police originally saying the death toll was 10 dead at the scene along with four who died at hospitals.  The death toll was raised to 15 at one point and then revised down to 12.

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7 thoughts on “Gunman kills 12, wounds 50 in Colorado theater showing “The Dark Knight Rises””

  1. Dozens more died in car crashes that same night. And the night before. And the night before that. Can we have a sense of proportion here?

  2. Every country on the planet has its share of nut cases.

    But free access to high powered weapons simply allows the nut cases to carry out such dastardly deeds like this.

    These are the days that make me glad I and my family now live in Canada…where high powered weaponry like what this nut case easily obtained are banned from private hands.

  3. What’s needed in this country is less regulation on gun ownership, that way your kids can carry and when one of these nuts show up out of nowhere your kids can shoot back. Yeah, that’s what we need to do. What we need to do is make it easier to buy guns!

  4. I can barely stand to read stories like this anymore….but I did….and to read on top of it that some of the wounded are children is almost too much.

    Lastly, I had no idea that some view this movie as “Anti-Romney”. I don’t know enough about the film to know what is in it that is anti-Romney.

  5. anti-romney? are you kidding? its a stupid batman movie! everything always gets turned into political bs…. so sick of it. a lunatic opened fire for whatever sick reason (they dont give you one) and suddenly its because of romney? now i don’t like the guy but come on!!

  6. I weep for these families. Our prayers are with you. Why do we keep attacking our own children and innocent citizens?

  7. The unanswered question in all these shootings: “Where did they get the gun?” We don’t even ask that anymore.

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