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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Memo to Mitt: Release your damn tax returns

Mitt Romney: Stupid is as stupid does

Got a newsflash for Mitt Romney:  You’re losing the debate over your tax returns.

And you’re blowing whatever chance you might have had to end Barack Obama’s presidency at one term.

You may be a whiz kid when it come to creating hedge funds to milk millions from investors.  You may be a big deal when it comes to gutting companies and sending jobs overseas but when it comes to politics, you’re a rank amateur.

Your ineptitude in dealing with the tax return issue has all of us here at Capitol Hill Blue shaking our heads and wondering how an idiot like you made it this far.

You’re a screwup Mitt. Man up Mitt and release the damn returns.

Are you hiding something?

Of course you are.  Nobody gets as rich as you without playing fast and loose with the rules

But if you had something to hide you never should have run for President.

Yeah, we know.  You were a governor once.  But that was Massachusetts where they don’t put idiots in institutions, they elect them governors like you and Michael Dukakis.

Gotta wonder what’s in those tax returns Mitt.

Offshore accounts?  We already know about them.

Tax dodges?  Probably.

So? Sooner or later you will have to release the returns.  Every day you delay makes this a bigger issue, just like the 2004 Presidential election when Sen. John Kerry, another Massachusetts lightweight, waited too long to deal with the swiftboat issue.

Your inept handling of this issue Mitt makes us wonder if you have the cahones to be president.  If you come up short to a monumental failure like Barack Obama then the hell with you.

Get out of the race and let the convention pick someone else, someone with real leadership skills, someone who knows how to deal with a crisis, someone who deserves to be President.

Because your idiocy in handling this simple political situation just proves that when it comes to running with the big dogs, you don’t even deserve a seat on the porch.

11 thoughts on “Memo to Mitt: Release your damn tax returns”

  1. I find evolution to be a mind boggling experience when politically applied.
    Last time I looked men will get kicked in their privates to be, famous.

    Next up on the merry go round the black guy the south couldn’t swallow -vs- too mitty, as in not Walters shadow ?

    Whether we like it or not the rest of the world has gone Pro.
    Ketchup and fast turtles, we are only an underwear away.

  2. Dunno if it’s his church..

    I think Jon Huntsman would have made a much better GOP candidate and I don’t think he would have had a problem releasing his tax returns.

  3. There must be something damaging in his unreleased tax returns, damaging enough that Romney is stonewalling. There must be something even more damaging than the political consequences of not releasing the tax returns.

    • Maybe, or maybe it’s a strategy to keep Obama’s people hammering that point instead of finding new dirt. hen they will release the prior returns within the last month of the campaign or so, leaving no wind in Obama’s sails and no time to start a new controversy. See…it was nothing all along, just a political attack from a corrupt Administration that maintains political hit lists and a real assassination list.

      We can postulate it any way we want. I enjoy that immensely.

  4. Romney should agree to release more tax returns when Obama agrees to release his college transcripts and application records. If there is a transparency gap here it belongs to Obama, not Romney.

  5. Doug, if Romney asked the Prophet in Salt Lake City about his returns, he would do exactly what the Prophet told him to do. He is not able to decide things for himself. He ran his state in the same way.

    • I’m still of the opinion that the reason he really doesn’t want to release them is religious. His church has a carefully defined tithe, as a percentage of income, and they’re going to look at them and start doing math… J.

      PS – As an aside, if as President 10% of his salary goes straight to a church, that might violate some separation clauses. J.

  6. Romney seems to be unable to think for himself. That could come from his church. LDS think in terms of tribes who use their numbers to change the world they live in. There is no discussion or debate among Mormons. They may be easily swayed away from the church because there is no rational base to the church. The church was formed byuneducated immigrants in the new world. They are a simple people who closed up their brains to let nothing else in. I was raised in this church and only learned about it when they tried to baptize me. I ran like hell out of the temple.

  7. Seems like a case of “Ruminating Rom”…and while he’s pondering, and thinking, and cogitating when really action is required, he slips lower and lower in the estimation of many people.

    Jon Stewart on the Daily Show said it’s not that the Rom is rich that bothers most people, it’s that he keeps on whining about the poor getting more than their fair share, when the Rom is one of many who have gorged themselves on largesse from the federal teat via tax laws and loopholes that have favored the rich in this country (since the 1970s).

  8. Nailed it Doug. Mitt shouldn’t have left this to fester. It only makes us wonder what happened before 2010. And if he can’t disclose something as silly as a tax return, what kind of transparency can we expect from an Administration run by him?

    And shame on his campaign. Hard to believe the best political hucksters money can buy just sat around and decided to let this ride. Doh!

  9. It is ironic Doug that a man whose father was one of the champions of transparency in regards to a candidate’s finances is now the most blatant offender in his attempt to be the President of the United States.

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