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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Palin, Paul & Trump: Three potential nightmares for the Republican convention

Sarah Palin & Ron Paul: Convention spoilers?

Republicans have a problem

Actually, they have three problems.

Sarah Palin, Ron Paul and Donald Trump.

Three personalities from the party’s fringe, three extremists with rabid followings, three potential troublemakers who could turn the Republican National Convention into a political nightmare.

So far, convention’s controlling authority — the Republican National Committee — has not extended speaking invitations to Palin, Paul or Trump and the followers of each consider that a snub.

The party shudders at the thought of Trump bringing the birther issue to the floor of the convention or Palin throwing out verbal bombshells.  Of the three, Paul brings the least potential damage from a speech but his appearance could rally supporters buried in the delegate counts and spark a floor demonstration that the GOP fears could turn into a sideshow on national TV.

But denying at least Palin and Paul a presence at the convention could also drive their core supporters away at a time when the GOP needs all the votes it can get to defeat incumbent President Barack Obama in the fall.

Some say its a no-brainer for the GOP because the tea party that embraces Palin or the enthusiastic band of Paul supporters probably won’t vote for Romney anyway.  Others fear that denying Palin and Paul time on the podium would focus media attention on rallies that both plan to hold outside the convention hall.

So Republican planners continue to worry and wait and struggle to come up with a solution that they hope will work.

If such a solution is available.

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3 thoughts on “Palin, Paul & Trump: Three potential nightmares for the Republican convention”

  1. The powers that will be running the 2012 Repub. convention may be heavy doses of anti-anxiety drugs while taking multiple daily hits of Bromo-Seltzer….Why? Because…these poor people are worrying about Wynken, Blynken, and Nod causing trouble at the convention.

    Why does the Repub. party carry these three albatrosses around its collective neck?

  2. Woody, the GOP completely fell apart in 2000 when the RNC was redesigned to represent the religious right. There was no need for such an extreme action had they stayed with the individual rights agenda that had been strong throughout the years. We knew this was coming if we paid attention to the internet blogs.

    We know it now. Too late!

  3. How many delegates do Palin and Trump have? Which of these three actually mounted a campaign for the Republican nomination Why are these three grouped together as such?

    A nitwit that couldn’t hold office for 6 months without a huge scandal, a blowhard bankrupt real estate failure, and a sitting Congressman that talks about upholding the Constitution and Liberty instead of imperial globalization abroad and the police state at home. One of these things is not like the others…

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