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Friday, July 19, 2024

Rabid rhetoric resonates over health care repeal, tax cuts

Obama on the stump in Virginia (Steve Helber/AP)

President Barack Obama, campaigning in Virginia Friday, targeted House Republicans for yet another meaningless vote to repeal his health care reform law, nothing that they can vote 33 times on a repeal that will fail in the Senate but they can’t vote once on a middle class tax cut.

Said Obama:

I notice the House of Representatives, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, they voted to repeal it again. That was the 33rd time they’ve done that—33 votes to repeal the health care bill. All it would take is one vote to make sure that all of you don’t see your taxes go up next year. You tell me what would be a better use of time.

House Speaker John Boehner didn’t respond personally to Obama’s charges but dispatched spokesman Brendan Buck to Twitter to say:

The unemployment rate is 8.2%. This month Republicans will vote to stop the looming tax hike. The President would like to raise taxes.

Obama used that to have some fun with Fox News:

Just in case some of your friends and neighbors, or you know, Uncle Jim, who’s a little stubborn and has been watching Fox News and he thinks that somehow I raised taxes, let’s just be clear: We’ve lowered taxes for middle class families since I came into office.

And so it continues…

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8 thoughts on “Rabid rhetoric resonates over health care repeal, tax cuts”

  1. I assume, Sandy, that Harry Reid is also in on this plot? Is that correct? And what about Orin Hatch? He and Ted Kennedy were best buds despite being political opposites. Was that just a deflection to having a back door connection between LDS and the Catholic Church?

    So your own litmus test is service? I am LMAO! I guess Obama’s years in Chicago could classify as being in a combat zone. Maybe we need #43 to get the call again since he was military?

    As far as the politics on the right and left and the current two attempting to occupy the WH I have been quite explicit about but your continual nonsense regarding the LDS and Romney’s involvement in a religious revolution makes me think of the following. You have mentioned your age. I am well past 60 and know the body deteriorates. I also know mental faculties can also succumb to age. I urge you to get a complete check-up ASAP.

  2. Why is it so difficult to locate an agenda from anyone here at CHB? Are you all going to sit back and wait for the results of the November election before doing the CHB Whine? Must we all accept the LDS faith?

    Are you content to live with the results of masses of voters? Will you settle for having your body baptized after your death so that America can be declared a Mormon Nation? Will you follow several at Reader Rant who will be against gays marrying? Will you settle for African Americans having to prove they are able to vote the right way? Will you follow the Romney attitude that women are inferior?

  3. I’m fourth generation in a family of Mormons. The leader of the church is the Prophet who runs every square inch of the church including the actions of the members. Romney has no agenda and when he was Governor he met with the Prophet in Salt Lake City for every one of his decisions.
    Perhaps you can explain what a Romney White House would produce. . He never served a minute in any service and neither did his family of boys. My father served in Europe during the First World War and my husband was a Naval Pilot in the last world war. My son served his time working for a Col. during his book camp training and the war ended before he was sent over seas.

  4. Well…I am not a “youngster” nor do I care to participate in endless demonizing of the Republicans and Democrats. I actually believe that a Romney presidency will not result in a LDS overthrow of or political, religious and social institutions.

  5. Why quit working on the house now? I believe that the GOP suddenly realized they had a black man in the Whitre House and NRC went to work to keep the House in their corner. Since then the GOP has gone insanely against women, blacks and gays.

    Raven, I walked out my own baptism 70 years ago. We are going to have tg ooze into a third party in the Congress before we can ever think of a third party in the White House. We tried too hard in 1964 and ignored the Congress, I learned from this mistake.

    I’m running out of time. It’s up to you youngsters!

  6. Yeah….bring back Nancy Pelosi. ROTFLMAO! A Democrat Congress? Didn’t they try that in 2008? Worked so freaking well they were driven out in 2010.

    Here is a hint….it happens to be TWO irresponsible parties.

    At least, Sandy, you didn’t have your LDS whine. Thanks.

  7. Every single problem that is addressed here at the home page of CHG can be fixed by one obvious action done by the readers.

    Our laws need to be open for discussion on the internet and changed by the voters removing the GOP rule makers in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The list of whines and complaints on the Reader Rant are worthless until we all realize we must equalize the House in November by ridding the House of the destructive Republicans.

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