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Monday, July 15, 2024

Five Democrats break ranks and join Republicans in voting for Obamacare repal

Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson: Just say ‘no’ to Obamacare

Five Democratic members of the House of Representatives crossed over and joined Republicans in voting to kill Obamacare Wednesday but the vote — like the many ones that preceded it — is meaningless.

The repeal will stop dead in the Democratic-dominated Senate and joins the long list of political posturing by the GOP against the health care “reform” law.

But Wednesday’s vote brought a surprise when Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah joined four other members of his party in voting for the repal.

Said Matheson in a statement:

We must scrap this flawed effort once and for all, start over, and do it right. The goal we all share is bipartisan reform that ensures access to quality care and addresses continued rising costs that affect every Utah family and small business…It is time for Congress to repeal this law and replace it with new legislation. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, I stand ready to work with both parties to achieve bipartisan, sustainable solutions to meet this challenge.

Matheson joined retiring Democratic Reps. Dan Boren of Oklahoma and Mike Ross of Arkansas, along with North Carolina Dems Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre — who face tough elections — in opposing Obamacare.

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2 thoughts on “Five Democrats break ranks and join Republicans in voting for Obamacare repal”

  1. Interesting! I wonder if the LDS is trying to direct the government to get out of the decisions being made by our Congress? Obama care does give the government a blank check over the cost of medical care. The church wants all medical care to be focused on reproduction rights for the unborn.

    It is the inquisition all over again. Since I was 9 years old I knew that the Mormon church must not be trusted in any level of government. It is a cult of the worst desire for control. It has only been a few years that opened the cjurch to allowing African Americans and women to join the Priesthood.

    • There were African Americans and mixed race couples in my LDS ward over 30 years ago. Sure, women didn’t join the Priesthood, but men didn’t join the Relief Society either. Both held power pretty evenly, at least in my experience.

      If you were referring to Judaism you would have already been banned. (No, I’m not asking for you to be banned.) There are good and bad people and aspects to all religions. What you are doing is stereotyping and making false and wildly exaggerated claims. What would you do, make all Mormons wear some badge on their clothes to warn people not to trust them?

      I’m an ex-communicated Mormon, but my mother is still Mormon and I find your comments rude and out of line. Besides, if Mormons now allow women in the Priesthood and don’t discriminate against other races, where is your argument?

      I’d rather a group recognize their errors and change. Isn’t change what we want? (Not that Romney would deliver that!)

      There are so many reasons to hate on Romney, like his proximity to Wall Street, or his constant flip-flopping. I’m sorry you’ve chosen his religion as the place to launch your arguments against him.

      The majority of the Mormons I have known have been some of the most kind, caring, and loving people I have ever been around. Please stop with the constant bashing.

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