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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Romney’s fundraising lead brings panic to Obama campaign


President Barack Obama’s embattled campaign is going into panic mode over fund raising efforts that continue to lag behind challenger Mitt Romney.

Romney and the Republican National Committee raised $35 million more than the President and the Democratic party in June — the second-straight month that the incumbent President has trailed well Romney with donors.

“People in the fundraising offices are shaking their heads and wondering what the hell’s gone wrong,” one Democratic strategist told Capitol Hill Blue.  “There’s a sense of panic.”

Obama, who raised far more campaign cash than challenger John McCain in 2008, was expected to top all fundraising records in this year’s election but it is Romney who has been on a record-setting pace.

Strategists see Obama as the problem, alienating fatcat donors with attacks on Wall Street while maxing out with big-buck contributors from other areas.

So the challenge is to find new high-dollar donors among those who view the President with increasing skepticism.

“We’re losing the fundraising war,” says another Democratic strategist, “and the loser of the money war may well lose the election in Novemer.”

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9 thoughts on “Romney’s fundraising lead brings panic to Obama campaign”

  1. They might as well throw all Party money into one big pile and burn it or donate it to charity because the majority of us want nothing to do with either one of these losers. No amount of graft will change that. Heck, if they did just up and donate all their campaign cash to charity I might actually gain a little respect for them. What are the chances? Snow ball’s chance in H-E double hockey sticks!

  2. All of this simply proves that no matter who wins in November, we will once again have the best government money can buy.

  3. Romney is raising a lot of money because people are sick of Obama and want him gone and that’s the bottom line. To bring up Romney’s religion is absurd when you consider what we have in the White House now. Sandy YOU are the one who needs to think before YOU vote…

  4. Well I thing I can say we are tired of obama and the politicans in washington with no backbone to do anything about him. I can tell you I for one have donated first time ever in my life sure not much but every american is doing so.

  5. Thanks for a laugh, Sandy. What about all those that are cremated? LDS is no more a cult than the rest of them and somehow I can’t see Romney’s strings being pulled from Salt Lake anymore than JFK’s were from the Vatican.

    Both parties will collect a pile of money and Romney had a recent 50K a plate “fund raiser” and Obama a 40K a plate one.

  6. Sandy, I think your going off the deep end there with some of that.

    Now I wonder, assuming all things are equal, just what influence all the rich money is buying. How many of the doners were participants in that RICH GUY secret meeting Romney held a bit ago.

    Now, this secret confab makes me wonder just what was said and promised. It makes me think that this Republican, like many before him, won’t be holden to the people but to the monied interests It makes me believe that this sudden and large influx of cash these last two months is the result of deals made at that meeting.

  7. Romney having wealth is the least of our problems in America. He represents a horrible threat from the power of the LDS church. It is a dangerous cult of enormous power. Their end game is to have all the bodies in our cemetaries re-baptised as Mormons. It is a promise made by the Prophets since the church organized, to make all Americans Mormons. It has no meaning to me because I do not believe in the afterlife. But it is the most offensive threat Amerfica has ever had to face.

    Think before you vots!

    • You are a sick woman Sylvia. Unfortunately we are going to see Romney’s religion attacked by sick people like you.

    • Oh, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy…..Me thinks your tin hat is not quite big enough. Wow! To be so delusional must be frightening.

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