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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A neck-and-neck Presidential race where voters have doubts about both candidates

Romney or Obama: Americans don’t see much of a choice

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll on the 2012 Presidential race shows a neck-and-neck contest with widespread dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama’s performance in office offsetting strong doubts about Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Americans fault Obama on the economy as well as his handling of health care and immigration issues.  To make matters worse for an incumbent President, 63 percent of those polled say the nation is heading in the wrong direction.

But support for Romney is tepid at best and the GOP challenger remains tied with the incumbent President because he is the only choice, not because voter prefer him.

Voters don’t like Obama’s policies or job performance but they like him personally better than Romney and that keeps the President from lacking in the polls.

The end result: Obama and Romney are tied at 47 percent each with just six percent undecided.


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4 thoughts on “A neck-and-neck Presidential race where voters have doubts about both candidates”

  1. Since I was a small girl, I’ve heard the threat that the LDS would eventually take over the Federal Government. Is this what the people want?

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  2. Baptism by Proxy? Another action done by the religious riight. Check out what the LDS wants from putting a Mormon in the White House…Israel is already in a fight with the Mormon Church for baptising the Victims of the Jews in WW2. America will be a Mormon state and every action done by this ridiculous group will be done behind the green curtain.

  3. Women’s reproductive righhts thrown under the bus? Back to dirty motel rooms? How many women will give birth and dump the newborn in the trash bins? Stop using a forced birth as punishment for our women. This is not a moral issue but using federal law to bring prison into the equation. Put Romney in and watch his church take over the federal laws.

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