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Thursday, May 23, 2024

In this election year, the only real choice is not any of the available choices

The American Revolution: Is it time again?

Does Barack Obama deserve a second term as President?  Of course not.  The man is a monumental failure.

So does Mitt Romney deserve a first term in the White House? Of course not. The man is an empty suit.

So, intrepid voter, whatcha gonna do come election day?

Vote for Gary Johnson, the failed Republican contender now running on the Libertarian candidate?  He might or might not be on the ballot in your state but even if he is, his chance of winning are as much as any libertarian candidate for President has ever been — zero.

But with near-zero enthusiasm among mainstream voters for either Obama or Romney, Johnson might pull enough votes to be a spoiler in 2012, although it’s hard to be a spoiler in a race where all the choices are rotten to the core.

We’ve said it before here at Capitol Hill Blue but it bears saying again:  Campaign 2012 produced, without a doubt, the biggest case of losers, failures and unqualified pretenders to the Presidency in American election history.

With apologies to Winston Churchhille, the election this year is a case of the unqualified leading the uninformed into the unknown for the unimaginable.

In theory, the American political system is supposed to produce the best and the brightest to contend for leadership.

In reality, we get the worst and the extremists to contend for failure.

American yearns for a leader but the leaders rode off into the sunset decades ago, leaving us with the worst dregs that corrupt political money can buy.

The White House is a cesspool where image triumphs substance, spin supplants truth and leadership takes a holiday.

Capitol Hill is ruled by con-artists, bag men and thieves loyal to party and greed, not America.

Each election talks of change but change cannot happen in the current system of government.  Replacing one gaggle of thieves with another solves nothing.  Sending a new empty suit to the White House does not restore jobs, the economy or America’s honor.

A friend who lives near Meadows of Dan, Virginia, suggests every candidate for public office should have to pass a lie detector test.

That’s an idea but if we threw out every candidate who lies would we have anyone left to run for office?

Is such a statement an exaggeration?  Sadly, no.  Lying is part of the political game as played in America today.

New faces in a corrupt system is not the answer.

Only a new system can bring change.

But how?

Ah, that is the real question facing America.

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16 thoughts on “In this election year, the only real choice is not any of the available choices”

  1. Think, good question. Many members of the GOP have all these forums covered along with many of the articles printed on the ‘net. Obama is guilty of being black. Most voters know so little about what he has done or tried to do since his election that adding any honest statements about his actions would go over the heads of far too many people. I had the same problem when Perot ran.

    There is still time to change a few Republican House Seats to even up the score before Gary can run again. We follow the house votes very well here at CHB and they are the problem. I’m not alone at the shock of the amount of racism exposed.

  2. This is one of the fluffiest articles I’ve ever read. WHY is Obama’s first term a failure? WHY is Romney and empty suit? All you’re doing is preaching to those who already agree with these statements.

  3. Let’s put Gary Johnson on the stage with Obama and Romney for the debates so we can judge for ourselves the power of a truly moral man

    There is still time to do this!

  4. 80% of voters said they would consider supporting a 3rd party candidate this year. That’s a high percentage. It’s time to give 3rd Parties a chance, especially with the awful choices given to us by the major parties.

  5. The answer is not a new system, the answer is adhering to the one long since ignored by both Washington and the People.

  6. Gee, vote for Obama who has a job growth rate of 0.75% or Romney who’s job growth rate was 1.5%? or vote for Gary Johnson who had a job growth rate of 11.65. Gee, vote for a one percent or less than one percent guy or the double digit growth guy. Gee, so tough.

    Okay, let’s look at budgets. Obama has submitted budgets that have been voted down 0-97. Wow. Not even one Democrat could vote for his piece of junk. I guess this is what happens when you elect a community organizer who has never looked at a balance sheet. Then there is Romney who put Massachusetts a further $2.3 billion into debt. Or you can vote for Gary Johnson who took New Mexico from a $ 1billion deficit to a $1 billion surplus and balanced the budget ALL EIGHT YEARS.

    So tough. Sorry you couldn’t make it any clearer in your article how incompetent Obama and Romney are.

    • Sorry, that’s a typo. Gary Johnson did not have 11.65% growth. It was just 11.6%. Still double digit growth though.

  7. The people who say a Libertarian can never win the Presidency are the very people who are preventing it from happening. Gary Johnson IS a viable candidate for President. He is a real leader. He has more executive experience and a proven record of reducing government debt and taxes that neither of the other two have. He is not a liar nor an empty suit. He has not ridden off into the sunset, he is standing right in front of us, asking for our votes, ready to bring the real change you are speaking about to our system.

    Check out and see for yourself.

  8. It should start with civil disobedience. Wide spread tax protests. If money is free speech then withholding my money from the government is a form of free speech too.

  9. What the article said is that no Libertarian running for President has a chance. Hell, just about anyone can win local or state offices. Even a socialist can win a seat in Congress. But Presidential politics is controlled by the two major parties. That’s something that cannot change under the current system.

    • Maybe if the media wasn’t so negative about the LP’s chances and said that the only viable option in this election cycle is a 3rd party candidate instead of continuing to indoctrinate people into the lesser of 2 evils mentality.

      Sure, the LP hasn’t done it before, but if you think the political system needs a change, how bout being part of the solution and instead of part of the problem. There’s a first for everything. A third party winning this year would be a game changer and then maybe the 2 major parties wouldn’t stick us with such awful choices.

  10. Thanks for the article. It is wildly incorrect to say Libertarian candidates have no chance of being elected.

    Libertarian candidates in fact are elected in many local elections, where the focus has been in the last generation for political libertarians–local appointive and elective office, and citizen volunteerism.

    For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ https://​www.Libertarian-Internation​ ….

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