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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

F-words and more: Politicians let the cuss words rip

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

If elected officials truly represent the people they supposedly serve, then the growing trend of foul-mouthed politicians might be explained.

Then again, it might just be that fact that most of them are assholes.

Gov. Chris Christie and the mayors of New York and Philadelphia are the latest to joint he potty mouth in public club but they are only the latest in a growing string of profane pols.

Ronald Reagan cussed like a sailor but did so mostly behind closed doors in the White House. George W. Bush called a reporter a “major league asshole” in public and sprinkled his conversations with the F-word and “goddamn.”

New Jersey Gov. Christie, talking to a writer from The Atlantic about rocker Bruce Springsteen, who ignored a request to help the state in the Jersey Shore revitalization, Christie said: “No, we got nothing back (from Springsteen), not even a ‘fuck you.'”

Christie also branded a New Jersey state lawmaker ‘an arrogant S.O.B.”

Philadelphia Mayor Mike Nutter, commenting on a shooting near the scene of the city’s Fourth of July celebration, said he wasn’t going to let the city’s image be ruined by “some little asshole 16-year-old.”

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg looked at a list of puns in his prepared remarks for a hot-dog eating contest in the city and asked: “who wrote this shit?”

Or maybe a better question could be:  “Who elected these guys?”

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1 thought on “F-words and more: Politicians let the cuss words rip”

  1. Ever seen “Blue Velvet” (1986)? Imagine Obama channeling Frank Booth and saying into Paul Ryan’s ear about his report:

    “You want a love letter from me, f###?”

    A candy colored clown they call the sandman.

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