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Sunday, June 16, 2024

So much anger, so little reason in America today


Lots of anger out there.

Too much.

Can’t talk politics with some without it turning into a shouting match.

Can’t joke about someone’s background without them getting mad.

Not much humor left.

Used to be angry.

Lost temper with little or no provocation.

No more.

Getting mad solves nothing.

Anger escalates emotions and displaces reason.

So nothing is accomplished.

Look at Congress, which is something we do here at Capitol Hill Blue.

If pro is the opposite of con then Congress is the opposite of progress.

Look at sideshow atmosphere that has descended on too many public meetings.

Too much shouting, too much hyperbole, too little truth.

Why is everyone so mad?

What is the source of the anger?

Express an opinion today and odds are those who disagree with you will use words like “idiot” or “stupid” or something obscene.

Let even a millisecond lapse when the light turns green and the driver behind you will be leaning on the horn.

Nastiness is, sadly, now an ingrained part of society.

Watch Bill O’Reilly’s TV show — the top rated cable news talk show in prime time and count how many times he calls someone an “idiot” or tells them to “shut up!”

Attend a tea party meeting, as I did not long ago in my Blue Ridge mountain community and what you hear is unbridled anger.

At this meeting of the Floyd (VA) Tea Party, the group’s vice-chairman, Al Pearce, went on a tirade about about political correctness, especially the media’s use of the term “gay.”

“They’re homosexuals or queers, which is what they are,” he declared.

Joe Montague, another tea party activist who often appears at public hearings and meetings of the local board of supervisors, calls school teachers and other public employees “parasites.”

Virginia GOP activist Bobby May

Bobby May, a Virginia GOP activist fired a a regional coordinator for John McCain in 2008 after he wrote a racist diatribe about Barack Obama is still active in the Old Dominion’s Republican Party.

At an appearance in Roanoke by Mitt Romney last month, May hawked buttons with racist overtones along with bumper stickers that declared: “If they take away our guns, how can we shoot liberals?”

It might be funny is May were joking but those who know May best say he’s not.  One look at this stereotype of a Blue Ridge Mountain bubba and you know instantly that he just might shoot a lib or a black man.

When I encounter people like Al Pearce, Joe Montague or Bobby May I wonder where America is headed.

Why is everybody so mad?

Is it politics?

Is it life in general?

Is it a symptom of the times?

Is it inevitable?

Not sure what to do about it.

Can’t discuss anger management with most.

Pisses them off.

Can’t suggest moderation in an atmosphere of extremes.

Can’t promote reason in a sea of rowdiness.

I don’t know the answer.

I wish I did.

But I’m going to dwell upon it.

I might get mad.

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5 thoughts on “So much anger, so little reason in America today”

  1. You make it all sound so magical, Doug. As if the reality of life in these here United States resembles that of even 20 years ago.

    Real incomes have fallen significantly since then, unemployment has hit an all time – stable – high not seen since the Great Depression, the cost of everything anybody needs is steadily moving upward, the public education kids get these days is next to worthless (for the 75% that graduate) and the price of a more advanced degree is clearly no longer worth it, the status of the US in international relations is crumbling daily, and the lesser politicians can’t even seem to care, while our president has logged over 100 rounds of golf and 150 re-election fund raisers, in spite of it all.

    Anger ??? Sounds more like realistic appraisal to me. The real question seems to be: when will folks figure out exactly what to do about it?


  2. The angry people mentioned in the article remind me of a thug who finds himself (occasionally herself) in the company of a crying baby or tot.

    To stop the crying the thug beats the baby only to have the crying intensify. That prompts more beating and more crying. The thug increases the beating until the baby is dead.

    Our political thugs have been beating the baby since the Civil Rights campaign of the 1960s. The gains by black Americans then was crying to them so their response was to beat the baby. More rights gains by others, such as women and gays, prompted more beatings (anger) until the ultimate crying; a black United States President. For that they will beat even more trying to end that.

    Ain’t gonna happen, so they will get more angry.

  3. I would suggest that you, Publisher Doug Thompson, NOT dwell upon it.

    But I would, generally, concur that it’s a media problem. To get ratings, you have to have angry people. And with angry people on TV? Well, monkey see, monkey do. I’m guilty of that myself.


  4. Walter. Your list of propagandists is a winning list of promoters. I read a Pew Poll several weeks ago that only 30% of the voters are concerned with individual rights. 30% is not good enough for me. These racist radio characters are leading the pack to drive Obama out of the White House.

    None of them can promote Romney because he is an empty bag of air. The only reason that I can see is that a black President is not acceptable.

  5. What else can you expect from people who listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the myriad of right-wing propagandists that permeate talk radio, all day, every day?

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