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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Romney sets fundraising record in June, continues to outpace Obama

Romney: And the money kept rolling in (AP Photo)

Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s fundraising juggernaut rolled on in June, setting a Republican fundraising record.

The Romney Victory Fund and the Republican National Committee pulled in more than $100 million for the month.  Campaign officials say fundraising has “exceeded all expectations” in New York, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and Ohio.

With anger growing in GOP circles over the recent Supreme Court decision on Obama care, the fundraising — which continues to outperform Obama — is expected to increase.

“There is no doubt that Romney is dramatically outpacing both Obama and expectations,” GOP strategist Steve Simmons told Capitol Hill Blue.  “He’s doing better in the polls and he’s beating Obama in fundraising.”

Republican strategists feel the Supreme Court decision will break for Romney and energize a base that has — to date — been lukewarm to the nominee.

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1 thought on “Romney sets fundraising record in June, continues to outpace Obama”

  1. Please say it isn’t so that Romney is beating Obama in this election? My God, another Bush in the white house? I can hear this new information all around me here in California. This is a Liberal state where minorities are treated with dignity. Could it be that homophobia, racism and a hatred for our southern neighbors have won the battle?

    I just got back here, where can I go now?

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