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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Did Sen. Rand Paul abandon his Libertarian and Tea Party philosophies?

Sen. Rand Paul

Critics say Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky abandoned his state and local rights philosophy by offering a series amendments to a District of Columbia local spending bill that would dictate policy on guns, abortions and unions.

The amendments forced supporters of the local funding bill to pull it from consideration and brought a rash of complaints over what they called the Kentucky Senator’s “hypocrisy.”

Editorialized The Washington Post:

We thought we could no longer be surprised by congressional hypocrisy when it comes to the nation’s capital, but Mr. Paul’s willingness to turn his back on his supposed libertarian principles and devotion to local rule is truly stunning.

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton called Paul’s action stunning, saying the amendments came from “the last Senator I would expect it from.

“I never seen so many amendment offered at one time to restrict the rights of the residents of the District of Columbia,” she told Capitol Hill Blue.

Paul defended his actions, saying the district if not a state and he used the right to try and force federal control because Congress can do so, saying it was “a good way to call attention to some issues that have national implications.  We don’t have control over the states but we do for the District.”

The bill would have allowed the District to spend locally-collected tax dollars without Congressional approval.  At present, Congress must approve how the District spends its money — federal and local.

The Kentucky senator is already in hot water is some supporters of his father — Texas Congressman and GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul — for endorsing Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination to run against Obama.

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