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Friday, June 21, 2024

Democrats to their party: ‘Hell no, we won’t go’ to the convention

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill: She’s not going
(AP Photo Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

An increasing number of Democrats are not only running for election or re-election this year.

They are running away from their own party and an incumbent Democratic President.

Democratic National Committee officials fret over the alarming number of Democratic incumbents skipping the party’s Presidential nominating convention in Charlotte.

Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri is saying “thanks but no thanks” to her invite. So is Sen. Jon Tester of Montana.  Others opting out Democratic Representatives like Mark Critz of Pennsylvania, Jim Matheson of Utah and Georgia’s John Barrow.

Why?  Most are locked in tight races and don’t see any advantage wasting time at a convention or aligning themselves with Obama, whose approval ratings have plunged from all-time highs.

West Virginians showed their disapproval of the President in that state’s primary by giving an imprisoned felon 40 percent of the vote instead of casting their ballots for Obama so Sen. Joe Mancin and Rep. Nick Rahall will skip the convention.

“It’s smart politics for in swing areas for Democrats to run away,” GOP strategist Saul Anuzis told The Associated Press. “But that also sends a strong signal to independent voters that maybe Obama isn’t such a great idea.”

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