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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ron Paul supporters file lawsuit charging intimidation, fraud in delegate selection process

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Texas Congressman and GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul‘s supporters are suing the Republican National Committee and most state parties, saying they were intimidated in a party-controlled primary process that robbed their candidate’s chances of winning the Presidential nomination.

But Dr. Paul has distanced himself from the legal battle.  His campaign says he doesn’t support the lawsuit.

Those filing sit have asked a California federal court to determine if delegates to the national convention can vote for any candidate they wish, even if they were elected as pledged to another candidate.

The lawsuit filed on July 11, contains more than 100 names of those who say they are delegates.  Some of the names, however, are not on lists provided to the Republican National Committee by state parties.

“That’s not surprising,” Ann Lawson, a Paul supporter, told Capitol Hill Blue Wednesday.  “It is all part of the plan to keep Dr. Paul from winning the nomination.”k

A spokesman for the RNC today called the lawsuit “frivolous.”

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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul supporters file lawsuit charging intimidation, fraud in delegate selection process”

  1. If he does run as an Independent, he’s going to have to move fast as so many jurisdictions require even write in candidates to register on dates certain before the election is held. Failing that, he’s stuck with hoping the nomination doesn’t go for Romney which is like hoping for an annual snowstorm in the middle of the Sahara in July.

  2. He should become an Independent and write up his own rules. The RNC has become a drag to the Party since 1999.

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