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Monday, July 15, 2024

A relaxed, laid-back Romney? That’s the report from the boys and girls on the bus

The “new” Romney on the campaign trail. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Is Mitt Romney finally learning how to campaign?

Could be, if one can believe reports from the campaign trail.

Kasie Hunt of The Associated Press says Romney is now “looser and largely gaffe-free” on the stump.

Reports Hunt:

The personal stories were slightly awkward. The small-town events tended toward the corny. His chats with voters were usually just a few words. But as Mitt Romney campaigned across six states, he loosened up a little — and avoided the verbal gaffes that had plagued him in the past.

Hunt isn’t the only one noticing a more relaxed Romney.  Reports from The New York Times and MSNBC say the same.


The six-state swing is helping Mitt Romney show his softer side. The New York Times describes it as “perhaps Mr. Romney’s deepest plunge into retail politics since the primaries.

As poll show the race closing and statistically tied, Demcoratic strategists are urging Obama to “nuke” Romney with a barrage of negative ads.

Frank Rich, writing in New York Magazine, says:

The president, any president, should go negative early, often, and without apology if the goal is victory. The notion that negative campaigning is some toxic modern aberration in American democracy is bogus.

And so it goes…

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2 thoughts on “A relaxed, laid-back Romney? That’s the report from the boys and girls on the bus”

  1. Governor Romney has been chosen to be the Republican candidate based on his actions as a blank piece of paper.

    The plan is to program him while in office. This plan comes from a new group called “Teavangelicals” and is explained in David Brody’s new book that came out this week.

    It will finally tell the world exactly what America stands for and it will destroy every shadow of a liberal secular America. The plans start with our little children in school and our programming on television and will leave no secular subject hovering over our nation.

    They chose Romney precisely because of his Mormon training. From his childhood he has taken his actions from the Prophet and he has followed this plan with precision. Anyone who has read Orwell understands this programming of the human mind.

    America is vulnerable to this kind of leadership because we have not done the proper rational and free-thinking training for generations. We are trained to conform and we can hear statements like “Most people believe……” and if we realize we are not most people, we will conform.

    30% of the American people believe and work for individual liberties and often follow men like Perot and Ron Paul and we pay for it when out in the public discussions.

    30% is no longer good enough for my efforts. I was shocked when Pew actually put out the charts on the major divisions of why people vote. No wonder I’m lost on these forums. No wonder I can’t get accepted by so many internet sites.

    No more political stuff for me. I find the Tea Party and the Evangelicals an insult to the American culture where our individuality brought us out of the UK and into our own nation.

    It will make me physically sick to watch Romney learn his lesson in how to wipe out any plan to bring up the academics of the next generations. He will leave schooling up to the churches and homes. Women will be treated like brood mares as they have been in the LDS church from its inception.

    People like President Obama are dangerous to American values because he is the model of individual efforts based on his training by his grandparents, and his own courage to be an individual.

    I am not a Democrat by any stretch of the imagination but I am certainly not a member of the Teavengelicals. My 30% is a homeless, lost group who refuse to bow to what most people believe.

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