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Friday, July 12, 2024

And the eventual winner in Iowa is Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Not campaigning but still winning delegates

Texas Congressman, the self-declared “outsider” who conceded the GOP Presidential nomination to Mitt Romney recently, is still playing an “inside” game to amass delegates and play a potential spoiler role at the party’s convention in Tampa in August.

Paul’s determined supporters won the bulk of delegates from Iowa over the weekend at a convention that reversed the party caucuses earlier this year, adding to delegate totals obtained in Nevada and Maine.

“We’re not going away,” said Iowa Paul supporter David Fischer.  “We want to send Ron Paul-inspired folks to Tampa.”

Paul stopped campaigning in May shortly before presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney secured the 1,144 delegates needed to cinch the top spot on the GOP ticket but his assault on the Republican Party did not stop and continues even after he later conceded that he would not be the party’s nominee.

In Maine, Ashley Ryan — just 21 — won the election as the state’s new Republican national committeewoman.  In Minnesota, Paul took 32 of the 40 delegate spots.

With the nomination no longer at stake, Paul’s supporters hope to influence the GOP platform and continue an effort to put their faithful in local and state offices.  They say it’s not as much about Paul as it is about his ideas.

“It’s never been about the man,” Marianne Stebbins, Paul’s Minnesota state director, told The Aassociated Press. “It’s about liberty and turning the tide.”

Paul’s recent convention victories will give him more than 200 pledged delegates in Tampa but while his organization continues to concentrate on obtaining delegates it is also divided insider over the endorsement of Romney by Rand Paul, the congressman’s son and a Kentucky Senator.

Until the endorsement, the younger Paul was viewed as the potential successor to his father’s mantle but some of the elder Paul’s more fervent followers now brand the son as a “traitor” who insulted his father and the movement he founded.

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4 thoughts on “And the eventual winner in Iowa is Ron Paul”

  1. Here in the city where politics is a contact sport, and it really ain’t beanball, searching for and finding candidates worth supporting is difficult. Political observers that think have been tearing their hair out for decades.

    We do get what we deserve, but more because we have allowed information programming to be infotainment programming. As a result, we are more interested in John Edwards’ mistress’s book than the real policies and the real effects of the policies of either Obama or Romney. No one ever asks why this information is important to the running of the world, nation or community.

    Had we received even an inkling of what reality would hold for us as a body politic (meaning from the MSM), there would have been rioting in the streets, because what Obama really promised to deliver was not all that Hope and Change. Not at all. It was all right there in his own history, and what was left out of his history. No matter, the American people seem happy with a good election night party, a pep rally, and the empty promises of candidates that turn into government.

    However, in 2008 it was anyone but the people that brought us the prior 8 years, and we wanted anything different. Some thought we’d get change.

    Change would have been Ron Paul then. It would have been Nader, the Greens, or even the real Socialist Worker’s Party. In other words, we got what we were supposed to want, and from Iowa to today, we were never supposed to want Ron Paul, 2012.

    We are led like sheep. Too many like it just fine, but too many have lost critical thinking ability, and pay no attention if it’s not Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media, sports event, or entertainment is the focus of the day. Shame on those who have demanded civics be relegated to educational history, among the myriad of things that have contributed to the sad state of today’s affairs of state.

  2. Many of us followed the numbers during the primaries. There is much more out there other than the main stream news groups.

    Paul has been gathering momentum for years and knows that no one can win the Presidential elections without first building a base in the Houses of Congress. In my opinion, Dr. Paul made a mistake when he returned to the GOP under the new agenda done by the Tea Party. They tore apart our senior welfare programs and made women look like sluts on the take.

    Dr. Paul has no chance and his supporters know it. It was a better fight when Ross Perot was running as it became obvious that 12% of the voters would vote for him…and we did.

    I have read several of Paul’s books and flew to Atlanta years ago to meet him and disguss many of his agenda items. I did the same thing when Perot was getting started in California.

    We all have the ability to build voter bases for our candidates and we did it in our neighborhoods and then sending post cards out to interested people. I have stood in hundreds of farmer’s markets handing out voter registrations and brochures on many individuals who want recognition for their political positions.

    Stop blaming the news media and build media around your candidates. I’ve done this for 60 years but I’ve learned that searching for any candidate who runs on equal rights and liberties will never win because in America our voters still carry too much racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism.

    We get exactly the candidates we deserve. The party base must be changed to accept those qualities that we want in power. The Democrats were on the right track until they put in a man of color. Too soon! The GOP might have had a chance had they kept their agenda free from the religious right. If they do win, America will suffer a division of Americans so filthy it will split us apart.

    I am long time Republican but I am not a Christian therefore I have been expelled from the Party. I don’t blame the press; I blame the voters for not vetting their candidates. They cannot when they have no set agenda for them to follow.

    Everything that comes up in all the campaigns can be found in books written by the candidates and biographers following them. The problem is that so few voters bother to read the books. All you can do is whine and blame others for the losses.

  3. Anyone who could count in January could see this coming, because Paul delegates elected on caucus night outnumbered Santorum and Romney delegates combined by 2-1 margins. Our main stream news organizations (especially the associated press) did not report this then because they wanted us to believe that Dr. Paul had no chance of success.

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