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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Rielle Hunter: “I wasn’t John Edwards’ only mistress’

Rielle Hunter: Not the only one to share a bed with John Edwards
(Photo Courtesy of CQ Magazine)

Rielle Hunter, the mistress who brought down the once-promising political career of former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards, reveals in a new tell-all book that she wasn’t the only one screwing the former political star.

In her book, “What Really Happened,” Hunter says she knew of at least two other longtime mistresses that Edwards kept on the side and hints that there were others.

Edwards, she says, lied to her about the other mistresses while he was also lying to his wife about his extramarital affairs.

ABC News obtained an advance copy of the book, due out on June 26, and will air an exclusive interview this Friday with the girlfriend who bore an illegitimate child with Edwards.

Hunter says Edwards did not come clean about his dallying until years later, just before his trial on charges on using campaign donations to hide the affair and child.

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3 thoughts on “Rielle Hunter: “I wasn’t John Edwards’ only mistress’”

  1. I’m still wondering who in their right mind would spend money on this book to begin with? What a waste of paper. Really! I don’t care what she has to say, and I suspect with a few exceptions, most of the American public could give a damn as well. I hope the book tanks.

  2. Hi!! I’m going to play “Blame the victim” here!

    If you think Ms. Hunter is the victim in this game. I suspect Mr. Edwards had a lot more to lose and a lot less to gain. Who was the victim is a good question.

    No, Ms. Hunter, you may not have been the only mistress. You were, however, the one to have a baby.

    Although Mr. Edwards is at least partially responsible for birth control, you are responsible for the other part. One imagines he’s aware of this, unless you were deliberately deceiving him about your part.

    You can have religious objections to birth control devices, but if so I suspect then you might also have religious objections to cheerfully encouraging a married man (married to someone else) to make a baby with you. As might Mr. Edwards.

    “Cheerfully”. As far as I can tell from the reports, all such, shall we say, ‘adult tickling’, was entirely consensual.

    And as far as the profit motive? Just who do you think would even publish the memoirs of a somewhat-professional videographer if it weren’t for your nine months of fame?

    I wonder what the advance was on that book…


  3. This will be the lead story for the rest of the week in D.C. It might even over shadow the fact that Ann Romney has a trained dressage horse in the Olympics. The fact that Chris Matthews has never heard of dressage will make headlines showing his ignorance of sports. For him we have to call it horse ballet.

    The Sunday talk news shows were some of the most exciting bits of dialog we have seen for several years but the news media also gathers the garbage for added appeal. Sarah Palin sparked some new news so we don’t forget her for a minute. Yawn!

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