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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Can reason exist in today’s hyperbole-driven political environment?

Is the sun rising or setting in America? You tell us
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The Democratic and Republican onventions may still be a couple of months away but the stage is already set and the nominees determined:  Incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Obama didn’t face any real opposition, unless you count the convicted felon and prison inmate in Texas who damn near beat the incumbent President in West Virginia but that’s the state where road kill is considered a gourmet delicacy and a virgin is any 10 year old who can outrun her brothers.

Romney survived a bitter primary fight against a string of questionable opponents that included a serial adulterer, a sexual predator, a space-cadet Minnesota Congresswoman and a right-wing nut job who couldn’t hold on to his own Senate seat.  Of the lot, only Ron Paul made sense but he has baggage that won’t allow him to win.

So emerging as the best of the GOP lot is not something that one might want on a resume.

So we’re faced with a first-term President whose record is spotty at best and a failure by most accounts and a challenger who touts a business record based on a private equity firm that took over companies, laid off employees and shipped business overseas.

Some choice.

Here at Capitol Hill Blue we believe in our motto: “Nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied.  The last four years have proven that more than any period in recent history.  Millions of Americans remain out of work, millions have lost their homes and millions more have lost hope.

So what do we do?  Punt?  Move to Australia?  Take up arms and join a militia?

We’re not sure but the sorry state of our society of today makes us keep searching for a solution.

We don’t feel the solution can be found in backing either the status quo.  We don’t think the answers lies in dressing up like Uncle Sam and shouting at rallies.

Can a viable third party challenge the two-party system in this nation?  Not under the present political power structure that exists.  The American political power structure favors the rich establishment.  The Koch brothers and their ilk control the GOP while George Soros and his brethren manipulate the Democrats.  Ordinary Americans don’t stand a chance.

But what if we could?  What if a strong, well-organized grassroots movement emerged in this country?  What if such a movement was built on a foundation of realism, not extremism?

Could it work?  Could it become a viable political force?

Maybe it could, if it could emerge from the sea of fringe elements, hyperbole-driven cultism and anger-driven rhetoric.

Something to think about…or at least discuss.

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5 thoughts on “Can reason exist in today’s hyperbole-driven political environment?”

  1. We have been living the nightmare of the best government money can buy. We will continue in that nightmare unless and until there is campaign reform that is meaningful and money is not the measure of campaign access and success.

    Any efforts to limit campaign money has been defeated by all branches of government having been purchased by those that want this system just as it is, thank you very much. Outcry from the body politic is met with ho-hum, “let’s ignore the nattering peasants, and how about those movie stars . . .” from the allegedly (but not at all), left-leaning press.

    Money controls every policy, program, and steers the ship of state. Government runs on money, and more so-called “Dark Money” with no identification of source is controlling elections and government than we can likely appreciate. Transparency is a concept now limited to window glass, not politicians or government. Programs are judged on the initial appearing after a proposer’s name, not merit.

    Enough already of those that are bought and sold to the highest bidder running things. We’ve proven that the present system cannot deliver competent leaders. It’s time to scrap the bad, and start over.

  2. I guess I’m the oddball again. I have supported many candidates who have slipped through the system. I do not recognize a distinct camp. I’m always searching for the one man who can take the leadership stand like Perot did. He did shape up the agenda until the religious right took it away from the GOP.

    Time for me to close up shop and give into the 30% who are more comfortable with the racism and bigotry.

  3. You can’t have a viable third alternative because any thing and every thing outside the established party doctine is considered extreme or fringe, and portrayed that way in the media.

    As erroneous as it seems to a free thinking individual, most people take their cues from the media. The media tells us what the acceptable level and subject of dialog will be, which candidates are “extreme” and which are “mainstream,” which can win and which can not, and basically herds every one into two distinct camps.

  4. “Something to think about…or at least discuss”

    You bet it is time! This is the Doug Thompson that I search for again and again. You hit the nail on the head with your description of what we Americans have at the present time.

    Since 2000 I have felt manipulated by my government in a way that is too emotionally heavy to even describe. I’m the one searching for something better than the bottom of the barrel. I spend my waking hours sorting through the garbage that most people would just burn but there must be a solution somewhere in the heap of crap that we discard every two years when our Congress goes from bad to worse. I’ve seen more honest competition in a first grade soccer match.

    2012 is the final straw. It is the year that the GOP will choose a leader who has shown no ability to pick the best solution for any circumstance. He was hand fed to look to the LDS Prophet for his every choice of action. Only in the Salt Lake City Temple can the truth be found regarding the secret future of America.

    Every 4 years we have the ability to choose our occupants of the White House and but this time is there a leader who has right over wrong clearly in his mind enough to take the responsibility? “I’ll get back to you” is not that kind of leader when that dreaded 3 am call comes in.

    I realize that Doug, being the owner operator of CHB will not endorse any candidate but I can!

    No more Conservatives with their hands on the U.S. Constitution! They have erased “equality” from their manipulation of the American people.

  5. Obama must go, there’s no other alternative. Yes, the Tea Party Republicans will slash and burn social programs, and the nation’s misery index will rise dramatically, but it’s the only scenario that will spur the growth of a bonafide progressive opposition.

    If Obama wins he will continue to ingratiate himself with corporate interests by suppressing any meaningful opposition within the democratic party.

    No pain, no gain.

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