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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Absent Scott Walker dominates right-wing confab in Las Vegas

Scott Walker: The right wing’s absentee hero

The rabid right is rallying about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, praising him for beating the unions and the Democrats in their attempt to toss him out of office in a recall election two weeks ago.

Walker’s overwhelming win gives conservatives some hope to offset losses in the Arizona special election to replace Gabriel Gifford and the eventual nomination of hated moderate Mitt Romney as the GOP standard bearer in this year’s Presidential election.

The Wisconsin governor wasn’t present at a gathering of right wingers in Las Vegas this week but he was the hot topic of conversation and his victory spurred new threats by conservatives to go after any Republican they deem as too moderate or too liberal for the cause.

Tim Phillips, president of the Koch Brothers-fronted Americans for Prosperity Foundation — which organized the Las Vegas confab for 750 of the rabid right’s most self-righteous — promised that anyone not toeing the right-wing line would be “held accountable.”

One target of Phillips’ ire was Michigan’s GOP governor, Rick Snyder.  Phillips called Snyder “a coward” for not standing up to big labor — especially the auto unions — and for “avoiding confrontation.”

And, of course, failed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — who ran out on her home state job before her term was complete — rallied the crowd with buzzwords like Washington’s “permanent political class.”


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