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Monday, July 15, 2024

Obama blames GOP for his failures but the joke’s on us

President Barack Obama: Why is this man laughing?

In his weekly radio address, President Barack Obama delivered his standing line to answer all the questions facing his failed administration:  It’s not his fault. Blame the Republicans.

While the Republicans certainly have their problems when it comes to leadership — especially considering the flawed and failed Congress that they control — a real leader in the White House might have been able to overcome such obstacles.  Obama’s inexperience and inability to focus has exacerbated problems he inherited and created many new one as well.

But in Obama’s world, he is blameless, so the message of the day in radio land Saturday was “it’s not my fault. The Republicans just kept us from fixing things.

Said Obama:

We have the answers to these problems. We have plenty of big ideas and technical solutions from both sides of the aisle. That’s not what’s holding us back. What’s holding us back is a stalemate in Washington

While there’s been some progress on his proposals to boost the economy, Obama said “on most of the ideas that would create jobs and grow our economy, Republicans in Congress haven’t lifted a finger. They’d rather wait until after the election in November.

I think that’s wrong. This isn’t about who wins or loses in Washington. This is about your jobs, your paychecks, your children’s future. There’s no excuse for Congress to stand by and do nothing while so many families are struggling. None.

Yada, yada, yada

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10 thoughts on “Obama blames GOP for his failures but the joke’s on us”

  1. He didn’t tout his executive order to only prosecute illegal aliens over 30?

    Who needs Congress when you have a Unitary Executive?

    Thanks Richard Cheney & Neo-cons!

    I guess Congress is good for something, scapegoats!

  2. Mitty will cut everything but Defense , which he will expand hugely, as did his hero Ronald Raygun. His so called Conservative Keynesian Admin. will pump huge amounts of tax payer money into the war economy and WAR it will be if he can whip one up. That shouldn’t be a problem. A few will benefit hugely and everyone else not so much. No matter he and the MSM will proclaim a new morning in America anyway. Why? because, they can. Anything bad that happens will be blamed on Obama. ( the D Hoover .)

  3. David said:

    “FYI to all the left-wing nutjobs out there…”

    Let’s see. Apparently those 18th-Century Massachusetts “left-wing nutjobs” led us to independence.

    Those Northern Virginia “nutjobs” gave us a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

    An Illinois “nutjob” preserved the union and ended slavery in the US. A Republican “nutjob” at that.

    An aristocratic New York “nutjob” got us out of the Great Depression, saved capitalism, preserved democracy and prevented a Marxist revolution.

    A Southern Baptist “nutjob” of a preacher and Texas “nutjob” of a politician secured by law the rights our Constitution had promised to protect for a century but was constantly thwarted by right-wingers.

    We sure could use us some more of them “left-wing “nutjobs” about now to set right what right-wing “nutjobs” made wrong.

The Great Depression may have started under Hoover, but he had only been in office less than seven months. No one is so incompetent that he could cause the Great Depression is such a short period of time. The root causes were the repeated tax cuts for the aristocracy and allowing corporations to run wild, and most of that was done under Coolidge.

    Harding (and a lopsided GOP Congress) cut the top tax rate for the aristocrats and we got the 1923-24 severe 14-month recession. Coolidge and the GOP cut taxes again and we got the 13-month 1926-27 recession. Hoover cut taxes a third time in 1929 and guess what followed.
 Repeated tax cuts for the top aristocrats caused the imbalance of wealth in which the 1%, as they are now called, had more than 20% of the income. The same imbalance our latest right-wing presidents have caused.

    Under FDR the gross domestic product rose from $56 billion in 1933 to $124 billion by the end of fiscal year 1941 (that’s June 30, 1941) before the war engulfed us. Unemployment fell from 24.9% to 9.9%. Had FDR not listened to right-wing whining and cut government spending in 1937, the Depression may have been over before we got into the war.

    So it took FDR eight years-–two lost because he listened to idiots–-or six years on real improvement. 
During those eight years of improvement the GDP grew more than 15% annually. Discount the two lost years and the GDP rose more than 20% during the positive years. Those figures should tell even a right-wing nutjob how severe the GOP Great Depression was;not how inept FDR was– in right-wingers’ fantasy world–curing the monumental Republican disaster.

    These facts and many, many more are presented in the book “Saving America: Using Democratic Capitalism to Rescue the Nation from Economic Folly” (Algora Publishing of New York City). It’s worth reading for anyone who cares about the future of this-once Grand Land.

    • Yeah…buy YOUR book for all the “facts” and the “truth.” ROTFLMFAO you shameless shill. Was it self published?

      • It’s called “promotion.” That’s a common practice in a capitalist economy, or are you as ignorant of that as you are on everything else. When I was young and adorable and working in intelligence to protect capitalism and your @$$ from the great “Marxist conspiracy” I realized I was also protecting the dolts of the nation.

        You could use some “facts” and “truth” and it appears you are not capable of getting any on your own. Even when you are given the name of a New York publisher you are incapable of figuring out if it is a publisher. The ‘net has search functions. Learn to use some.

        • Ignorant? On everything else? Why? Where? Because I do not fawn at your “great work?” ROTFLMAO! So you make a value judgement on me and my politics without knowing squat. But I do know about you.

          I see a hack writer who tries to get in a free plug because he does not have the balls to actually provide the sponsor of this site with some coin? This same site that the editor (a real writer) made mention a wee bit back about getting donations. The you try to justify it by using it as a capitalist method? LMAO!You want a free ride.

          You didn’t even have the guts to say you wrote the book just making a reference to it as the great “Bible” of truth that you attempt to pass it off as the end all in this tread. Truth in advertising? Your whole method just reeks as being devious, underhanded, evasive and just plain phoney. Did you once work for #43?

          As far as getting “facts” where exactly is your wonderful work on the Times list? Saw it on Amazon – didn’t see any reviews. Gee…wonder why? Did “The Economist” review it? The WSJ? Maybe I missed that? Possible since I didn’t read any fiction reviews.

          As far as self published a world renowned author such as yourself does certainly know that certain independent publishers will publish for a price. How much did you have to pay? LMAO!

          • Oh, but I do know you.

            You pick a fight about things you either don’t or can’t do; that is research and live in reality. And when your initial insults are answered, you rev up the attack and pretend to be a victim in a battle you started.

            Typical right-wing behavior

  5. To get around a recalcitrant GOP that tries to block everything, Obama could just wave that “magic wand” and make things all better without delay. If that is the answer, we have to ask ourselves why couldn’t Ronald Reagan–who began our descent into the pits–have waved that magic wand? Why couldn’t George Bush the Daddy–who continued the Reagan idiocy–have waved that magic wand? And why couldn’t George Buffoon Bush–who applied the coup de grace–wave that magic wand?

    And where was the GOP, that claims we can’t pay our bills because “we’re broke”, when Buffoon was breaking us–it was controlling Congress most of the time and helping Buffoon on his mission of destruction.

    Any right-wing nutjob will claim that FDR did nothing to get the nation out of the Coolidge-Hoover Great Depression; it took WWII to do the job. But that means it was a 12-year effort, and it relied on four things the GOP claims destroys economies–massive government employment, massive government deficit spending, sky-high tax rates and total regulation of commerce.

    So now we claim Obama has been a monumental failure because he couldn’t solve a Reagan-Bush-Bush trickle-down depression in a matter of months in spite of monumental opposition that FDR didn’t have.

    If there is a magic wand to be waved, shouldn’t we use it for far-more important matters; such as making Doris Day 25 again?

    • “Any right-wing nutjob will claim that FDR did nothing to get the nation out of the Coolidge-Hoover Great Depression”

      FYI to all the left-wing nutjobs out there, the Great Depression actually started during the Hoover administration. The depression before Hoover was during the Harding administration, not Coolidge. Harding saw that depression solve itself in less than two years, something FDR couldn’t do in twelve.

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