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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Shock and awe? Obama and Romney tied in latest CNN poll

Rep. Paul Ryan (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

CNN’s latest poll shows presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney in a statistical dead heat with President Barack Obama.

And in what could be worse news for Obama, who is pushing a campaign based on the economy, the poll also shows Americans split evenly over who could best handle the nation’s financial ills.

Romney’s strength against the incumbent President is surprising a lot of people, including right-wing Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan.

“That’s pretty amazing,” Ryan said on “Fox and Friends.”  “Being tied at this stage, given what President Obama is doing and what Romney is up against as a challenger is pretty impressive.”

Ryan has endorsed Romney, a move that doesn’t sit all that well with his Tea Party base.

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7 thoughts on “Shock and awe? Obama and Romney tied in latest CNN poll”

  1. Mitt should do us a favor and get Paul Ryan onboard. With Paul out of the halls of Congress we should be able to pass a budget without the ritual gridlock. And with a working budget we might even be able to convince S&P to give back our AAA rating.
    Moreover, with Paul on the ticket the Tea Party should have no qualms about a Romney presidency. Neither would the hardcore conservatives who like Paul abhor Keynesian Economics — the very kind that Europe is now embracing for its salvation.
    But this still leaves the Independents. No fear, Paul would get them off the fence as well — with easy fixes such as privatizing Medicare, or raising the age to 67.
    Our problems aren’t difficult after all. It’s only President Obama who makes them seem that way.
    Isn’t that right Mitt?

  2. We still have more than a dozen lifetimes in political calendaring. That is, life begins, matures and ends in weekly cycles in politics, and there’s lots of stumbling room for both sides.

    Sandy, I agree with what you’ve said. If we do the whole religious wrong thing, women are toast. Men will also be toast, but in different ways.

    We have gone from ‘you’ve come a long way baby’ to ‘you want to put me in what convent???’ Or whatever suffices for what used to be the refuge of women in societies where pulpit and political podium are fused at the hip.

    Then again, if the Oval Office shifts and Romney wins, his warmongering advisers could have us doing whatever bidding they want, and we might well be dropping bombs on a nation that hasn’t so much as threatened us, or performed an aggressive act of war against another nation in over 200 years.

    I used to be a proponent of the maxim, ‘don’t vote, it only encourages them.’ These days, with so much at stake for our country, our posterity, our blood, treasure and future, I can no longer encourage anyone to close their eyes and ignore the dysfunctional dynamos bidding a few billion$ here and there to get an office that pays well less than a $ingle million. Of course, the power part of that job is pricele$$.

    That said, four more years might give Obama a chance to do something, which would be great if he’d stop stripping rights, liberties and end the misuse of the Espionage Act against folk that just want us to act within laws, conventions and treaties as we are required to do.

  3. I want President Obama to win because then he won’t have to spend the next four years trying to be re-elected, and might be able to get something done.

    If Governor Romney wins, he’ll spend the next four years trying to be re-elected, and won’t get anything done.


  4. glenn. If what you say is true,what is wrong with the minority voters? Will the women accept going back to the days of being in the kitchen, pregnant and barefoot? I tried that style of life and did not like it. It still exists…..I took some gold jewelry into a well-known jewelry store in my new neighborhood with instructions on how to repair them. A week later I discovered the man did the repair using solder instead of gold and I realized he never heard a word I requested.

    Even when I have my teeth cleaned and a quick fix on a chipped tooth, I have to be extremely detailed because if the dentist is a man, he has no concept of the best way to fix the chip. This double standard is exactly why the women are finally standing up wanting the same standards in our repairs no matter if it is a car repair or a human body problem.

    So much of the anger found with the women voters has been demonstrated by the folks in this new election. When a women discovers she is carrying an unwanted fetus the usual action is for the man to walk away leaving the women to carry the full brunt of responsibility for the next 18 years. My own grandmother lived through this assigned minority status and made certain to send me to an all girl’s school where we were recognized as what we could accomplish during our years in academics. No way in hell would I allow my husband to set the standards for the two girls. His father was a Baptist Minister and the distaste for women showed until the day he died. He had 5 wives who could not stand the man.

    I had hoped that Obama would be the leader who stood up to the insulting standards of the GOP but where is he? I have never voted for a Democrat and knew that I would never again vote for a Republican. Where am I suppose to go in November?

    The Republican candidates will spend their time making fun of women and laughing all the way to the winner’s circle when women will be put in their place under President Romney. My question is not who I should vote for but where the hell will I live?

    I lived in Arizona for 10 years and saw first hand how Americans despise people of color. Gays and women are tied for second place and I could not take it a moment longer. I came back to California even before I sold the home in Arizona.

    Has America thrown out all concepts of equality? You sound very smug in your statement of GOP standards.

    This entire statement of political power rests on right over left rather than right over wrong. All this has happened a thousand times before but with a voter base that has never read the history books of our past, we will make a joke of our elections.

    I want Obama to run for the benefit of the American People not to win some half-assed argument against a dumb arse named Romney who happens to be my third cousin and has been dumb as dirt his entire life.

    He doesn’t even have an agenda of his own and will run on the tails of Bush 43. He has accepted the agenda from the New Testament and will head back to the same agenda of the Pilgrims who burned their women alive at the stake for being sluts.

  5. Its over for Barry. The D’s cannot win in a dead heat, Fla. showed that. The GOP will do whatever it takes in a close election.

  6. How many people did they poll to make this decision? No one called to ask me, and I have 3 phone lines. A true, accurate poll should be conducting using as many active voters as possible, to get the true opinion of the people, not just the same few hundred over and over again. I heard it said once or twice, that if there had been polls in ancient Israel, Jesus would probably have gotten discouraged and gone back to carpentry.

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