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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

‘Burn in hell Rand:’ The son faces the wrath of Ron Paul’s cult-like following

Rand Paul: Ron's prodigal son?

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul‘s decision to endorse his father’s rival — presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney — continues to bring the wrath of Ron Paul‘s cult=like supporters.

“Nothing but a judas.  Burn in hell rand,” wrote Natalie Shipanoff on Facebook.

Cody Seggerman Tzm, also writing on Facebook, declared: “Shame on you rand…you sold out on everything your father stands for. For money…if here is a hell, you will see it unless you can make up for your actions.”

Over at The Daily Paul, a poster named Washington said:

The only thing that makes sense is that they must have lured him in with a hot woman and set him with photographs of the event.  Something like that. They have to have something on him they are using for leverage.  No son would do this to his own father and his entire movement, especially at this critical stage. Carry on with the new invigoration people.  These bastards are going down.

Ah, the “hot woman” theory — just the kind of conspiracy belief one finds in the cult of Ron Paul. As usual, Paul’s rabid followers are so wrapped up in the cult-like status of their hero that they fail to comprehend political reality:

  1. Ron Paul will not win the nomination. He never had a chance;
  2. Rand Paul, as a freshman Senator from Kentucky, is looking towards his political future and did what he needed to do to support his party.

Some political observers feel Rand Paul realized he doesn’t need or want the more fanatical zealots who follow his father.

“There’s a lot more to the movement than the hard-core fanatics,” journalist Brian Doherty told The Business Insider.  “There are a lot of people who voted for Ron Paul in the primaries who are not writing angry things about Rand Paul on the Internet today.”

Mark Whittington, writing for the Yahoo contributor network, suggests the virulent reaction to Rand Paul’s actions showcases a central problem with Ron Paul’s hard-core supporters:

The implied suggestion that Ron Paul is George Washington or Jesus Christ should give one pause. More fundamentally the dust-up over Paul the Younger’s endorsement of his party’s nominee reveals the overwhelming flaw in the Paulitian movement. It is less of a political movement and more of a cult, centered around Ron Paul and his ideas, which his followers seem to regard as holy writ.

The campaign is Ron Paul’s swan song. He is in his 70s and is not as spry as he once was. He is leaving Congress, his claim to political legitimacy. And sooner rather than later, he will be with the ages, a departed prophet. Then his cult will die or subsumed into the greater conservative movement. Either outcome would be satisfactory.


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72 thoughts on “‘Burn in hell Rand:’ The son faces the wrath of Ron Paul’s cult-like following”

  1. I’d like to know how Rand can endorse and praise the ruse of a vaccination program used to collect blood samples which were processed by the CIA to help them locate Bin Ladin while at the same time claiming to be for a small government and a protector of freedom.

    One must wonder if he supports such programs within the United States. ❓

    • Wait, WHAT?

      Do I understand you correctly, Woody188?

      A vaccination program collected blood samples to find Osama bin Laden?

      How? By DNA testing people who might be his kids? By DNA testing people who might be him? And was his DNA on file anyhow? This is preposterous. You cannot use a blood sample to find out who a person’s associates are. And vaccinations involve injections *into*, not samples drawn *from*…

      That’s just so incredible (as in ‘not believeable’, not ‘superpowered’) I’m going to want some pretty definite evidence.

      “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Carl Sagan.

      I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but o lord that’s wildly improbable.

      I think that’s ridiculous. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but it’ll take a lot more than a few web links from some somewhat dubious websites to convince me.


      PS – Actually, it sounds rather like anti-vaccination propaganda. For that, I have nothing but scorn. Evidence upon request. J.

      • I received this in an email from just yesterday:

        I remember exactly where I was on the morning of September 11, 2001.

        I’m sure you do too.

        And when Seal Team 6 delivered justice to Osama Bin Laden, Americans felt a sense of pride in our military.

        But that mission was a success because of the assistance provided by a courageous Pakistani doctor named Shakil Afridi.

        Dr. Afridi ran a vaccination campaign that collected blood samples from the Bin Laden family at their compound in Abbottabad, and assisted the CIA hunt for the mass murderer.

        Now Dr. Afridi has been sentenced to 33 years in prison by our supposed ally Pakistan for assisting America in the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

        This is an outrage, and every American should be insulted by congress continuing to fund the Pakistani government that is imprisoning a hero like Dr. Afridi.

        Not one penny of taxpayer money should be sent to Pakistan until they free him.

        It’s over at Wikipedia too. Wikipedia links to numerous corporate news stories in their footnotes. US officials don’t appear to be denying the story.

        To me the oddest part is that it’s the Pakistani’s upholding the principles of freedom in this instance while the US government tries to buy them out with bribes in the form of aid money. We truly live in strange times.

        • Hear hear.

          Seal Team 6 did not deliver justice – They commited extrajudicial murder. Justice involves being tried in an unbiased court of law, with all evidence presented to a jury of one’s peers and a competent defense. That’s justice, not punching someone in the nose.

          I am an American, and I did not feel a sense of pride when the military I paid for murdered a citizen of another country, in another country, in my country’s name.

          Finally, the blood sample campaign and vaccination campaign and the finding Osama bin Laden campaign are each so totally dissimilar they might as well be in other solar systems. One doctor may very well have been involved with them all – But that doesn’t make the campaigns involved with each other in the slightest.

          Correlation is not causation.

          I’m with the Pakistanis. By pretty much any definition of the term, the doctor, not by drawing blood or vaccinating people, but by feeding information to the intelligence agency of a foreign country, committed treason.

          That’s called ‘spying’. And the usual punishment is death.

          Giving him 33 years behind bars is nice of them.


          • PS – And I’m entirely certain that RandPAC is completely unbiased, and that Wikipedia hasn’t been edited and re-edited and re-edited by those with biases also.

            Note that the government also has not denied poisoning Ronald Reagan with dimethyl mercury in order that he’d forget all his executive orders, either. Tsk tsk.


          • One doctor with a support staff 15 nurses. The nurses all lost their licenses over it.

            It’s natural to not want to believe such heinous things are being done in our names with money borrowed from China that we’ve promised our children and grand-children will pay back. If only this was the worst. 🙄

            I’m sure everyone has heard of Obama’s “hit list” by now. He even insists on being the one to say whether or not to carry out each assassination. They spin it like it’s a good thing to have him involved, like they aren’t violating US and International law. And all Congress can do is cry about how the Administration has a terrible security leak and how it needs to be plugged before we find out more secrets we aren’t supposed to know.

            As far as we know, the secret interpretation of the PATRIOT Act authorizes all this and our representative republic is entirely a farce. We really don’t know because they won’t even tell us the laws anymore. But somehow we have a representative republic? Bull pucky.

            • Collaboration (ie. guilt by association) is quite frequently punished similarly to spying.

              Have we gone totally off the topic here? Probably. Just to put a bee in Publisher Thompson’s bonnet, let’s keep on!

              And as I pointed out before, the lesser of two evils is a lesser evil, and from an Epicurean perspective the whole point is to lessen evil, and thus a hand-picked and hand-authorized ‘To be killed’ list is probably better than an ‘Let’s just kill all them towelheads’ attitude from the Vice President Dick Cheney school of international relations.

              Even if they’re both bad. Life sucks.

              As a message to all of those who squawk about ‘leaks’: Howzabout you guys (and gals) stop doing things like that?

              Yes, you’re entitled to your privacy. No, you are not entitled to use that privacy as a shield to avoid prosecution for any of a myriad of felonies.

              Finally, I’m sorry, but I do have to disagree with you, Woody188. It’s sad, I know. But yes, we DO have a Representative Democracy here in USA.

              It just doesn’t represent the people. It represents the Democracy of ‘one dollar, one vote’.

              And off we go again… 🙂


              PS – My first real ‘What?’ moment was that blood testing could find Osama bin Laden. That was preposterous. The idea that under the cover of ‘blood testing’ people could spy upon other people is not so surprising. Also not so surprising is that spies get caught. J.

              • It’s my understanding they had his DNA, or in the very least, a familial match, so they could tell within like 90% accuracy that it was OBL or family members in that compound in Pakistan. OBL worked for the CIA in Afghanistan against the Soviet occupation, so they may have had his exact DNA.

  2. I just want to know how he can support a candidate and a party that has severely mistreated his father and the people that support him. At the very least he should have endorsed the libertarian party or simply not endorsed anyone. Instead he endorsed a crook so my opinion of him has dropped way down.

  3. Propaganda Techniques 101:

    Name Calling: Propagandists use this technique to create fear and arouse prejudice by using negative words (bad names) to create an unfavorable opinion or hatred against a group, beliefs, ideas or institutions they would have us denounce. This method calls for a conclusion without examining the evidence. Name Calling is used as a substitute for arguing the merits of an idea, belief, or proposal. It is often employed using sarcasm and ridicule in political cartoons and writing.

    There are a number of disenfranchised donkeys who came over to the table in order to support Ron Paul. People are looking past the Partisan Ploy and becoming American again. Good Job GOP and Rand you secured you election to Obama anyway. More spending and Fed money manipulation to come. BUY SILVER, BUY GOLD! PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. No politician is going to save you.

  4. Has anyone considered that Ron and Rand spoke about this privately and that Ron gave him the ok? He has already decided that he will not have enough delegates to win, so this makes sense. As people have said, the political beliefs are what’s important here. If Rand endorsing Romney this election gains him the respect of the Republican party so that when it comes time for him to run for president, he isn’t ridiculed and ostricized like his father, then that’s a win for the movement.

  5. To all fellow fans of liberty,

    Do not be offended by the term ‘cult’. The most powerful and influential organizations on planet Earth are indeed ‘cults’ by definition. For example we have the cult of christianity and all it’s offshoots in particular catholicism which is the most expansive profitable cult on the planet. We have Islam which is growing in numbers, influence, and wealth. Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Objectivism, and Global Warmism.

    These cults all have central figureheads either real or imagined at the center of their tenets. Without casting judgment or offering a logic based debunking of any of the above we can consolidate the underlying single point fact that those ‘cults’ have only served to divide the populace and consolidate power for a relatively select few. Most of the above are built on a foundation of fraud and manipulation, and it has been proven. Most yet not all. A personal critical examination reveals which cults are more fraudulent, but I digress.

    That said, ‘The Cult of Liberty’ is built upon testable premises and real life individuals. There are no metaphors subject to individual interpretation, and it is THE only ‘cult’ that will ever unite due to it’s all inclusive nature and characteristic of no requirement for mindless indoctrinated beliefs to prop up and maintain it’s existence.

    Stand above the rest. Embrace your cultism. Understand that civilization is indeed one big cult, and ‘The Cult of Liberty’ was in fact created to out compete all other forms of division and consolidated unearned power.

    This way you can chuckle at articles such as this, and feel the genuine power that comes not from emotional negativity, but from a peaceful understanding.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum

    E Pluribus Unum

  6. The author of this piece begins from an axiomatic fallacy that the Ron Paul movement is a cult of personality. Anyone who really knows this movement on the inside realizes that is a fundamental misunderstanding of the Ron Paul revolution; it is not about a man or a personality, it is about how “Nobody can stop an IDEA whose time has come.” – Ron Paul
    While the rest of American voters get herded sleepily in the broken two-party system, Ron Paul supporters have come from all different backgrounds and ideologies to stand up to a tyrannical and despotic central government. This article is in the wave of irrelevant voices that will fade into obscurity as the greater movement towards restoration of liberty in our Constitutional Republic which has gained so much momentum under the temporary banner of the Ron Paul campaign becomes the much needed way of the future. That future is worth fighting for because it is about protecting the American people and their God-given Natural Rights from our over-reaching federal government. Fortunately, freedom is a non-partisan issue. Eventually, the truth will out. Laugh and scoff at us now if you must, but just know that we will die before we submit to the chains of our federal bureaucracy. For anyone who is interested in just one combat veteran for Ron Paul’s take on the Rand situation:

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