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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Third party politics: Will a niche in time help Stein?

Jill Stein: Going for the Green (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Looking for an alternative in this 2012 election season with its cookie-cutter, lackluster cast of Presidential wannabes?

Well, there’s always Jill Stein, the presumptive nominee for the Green Party.

Stein’s platform?  Legalizing marijuana, downsizing the military, taxing Wall Street transactions, a guaranteed college education and a vague, government-funded program that she says will eliminate unemployment and put 25 million Americans to work.

Lofty promises from the Harvard grad, doctor and musician.

Stein goes into the Green Party’s July convention with a sizable delegate lead over second-place Rosanne Barr.  With 66 percent of the delegate count, Stein is expected win the nomination.

But she faces a bigger problem.  Stein is only on the ballot in half the states, doesn’t have much campaign cash, and is all but unknown on the national stage.

The Massachusetts resident also has one loss on her political record.  She ran against Mitt Romney in that state’s governor’s race.

She lost.

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3 thoughts on “Third party politics: Will a niche in time help Stein?”

  1. When President George W. Bush (43) was standing for re-election, in the city of San Francisco, the Green Party candidate received more votes than he did.

    Not that it mattered.


  2. I agree Sandy. The disheartening news is that the Greens are only on half of state ballots. Third parties have nary a chance in the US. Many still think the Third Party choice is for fringe lunatics and crazy, hippie nutters. Far too many believe there is a difference between the Reds and the Blues.

    Truth is, there’s not a bit of difference between the major parties, nor do their performance records encourage finding any difference. Both are beholden to dollars and we’ve just seen in Wisconsin the effect of big money.

    This November, it will again be the same. The nation will elect a leader known largely through soundbites and sloganeering. Few in the electorate will have spent the time or had opportunity to evaluate candidates from President to Dog Catcher.

    I hope we hear more from Dr. Stein. I hope we get lots more information from many sources regarding all candidates.

    I often wonder if the Founding Fathers are taking turns spinning in their graves.

  3. My best hopes for America will come from a third party that is beholden to no one! Rosanne Barr plays her words for laughs which is a good thing but does not always hit what hurts in our decision-making process for leadership.

    Let the lady have her time in the blender of all politicians and see what happens. She would interest me if she stood firmly on individual rights issued from the government and not necessarily from heaven.

    Let’s hear more from Jill Stein.

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