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Monday, May 20, 2024

Mitt Romney clinches nomination with Texas win; Ron Paul strikes out in home state

Mitt Romney in Las Vegas (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

All Mitt Romney needed to do in the Texas GOP primary Tuesday was win at least 38 percent of the vote to gather enough delegates to officially clinch the nomination for President.

He pulled down 69 percent, picked up 97 of the proportionally awarded delegates and cleared the 1,144 total hurdle with numbers.

The Republican National Committee and Associated Press count shows Romney with 1,183 delegates.

“It’s over. Romney is the nominee,” GOP political strategist Jonathan Dalton told Capitol Hill Blue Tuesday night.  “Ron Paul’s faithful followers can pack the remaining state conventions and caucuses until the cows come home and it won’t make a bit of difference. Republicans have made their choice and that choice is Mitt Romney.”

Romney, attending a Las Vegas fundraiser Tuesday night, acknowledged the nomination:

This was a big day by the way – 1,144. We finally got there. It’s an honor and a privilege, an honor and a privilege, and a great responsibility. And I know the road to 1,144 was long and hard, but I also know that the road to 11/06, November 6, is also going to be long, it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be worth it because we’re going to take back the White House and get America right again.

Texas Congressman Paul, the last hanger-on in the Republican race, couldn’t score even a respectable showing in his home state.  Paul finished the night with 11.9 percent of the vote and 10 delegates.

Paul finished just four percentage points ahead of former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, with withdrew from the race long ago and pulled in fewer votes than the combined totals of non-candidates Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who collected 4.7 percent.

Romney didn’t campaign actively in Texas. Paul suspended his “active campaigning” earlier this month to concentrate on the few remaining caucus states but his die-hard fans flooded the Internet with predictions that he would still win Texas.

“Ron Paul will take Texas in a landslide,” posted  a supporter under the name Libxist on  “This will build momentum for him causing supporters from the remaining states to flock to the voting booths, ensuring a brokered convention in Tampa.”

Didn’t quite turn out that way.

Romney’s nomination clinch is expected to bring new calls for Paul to officially end his campaign.

Writes Heartland Institute vice president Eli Lehrer in The Huffington Post:

In recent weeks, Ron Paul has emerged as the greatest threat to the Republican Party’s future. If the Texas Congressman and one-time Libertarian Party presidential nominee actually wants to see President Obama defeated in November, he should bow out of the Republican nomination process quickly, accept whatever offer the Romney camp offers him for a speaking slot during the convention, and endorse the inevitable nominee. His continued efforts to pursue delegates (even after saying that he wouldn’t contest future primaries) make the possibility that the GOP convention could become a party-damaging circus rather than the coronation-style infomercial that’s needed to unify the party.

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28 thoughts on “Mitt Romney clinches nomination with Texas win; Ron Paul strikes out in home state”

  1. Wow! A quick read polls 100% paulbots posting. Are you folks hardwired together, or something?

    • I think, logtroll, that these folk are simply attracted to Paul’s position on non-defensive military adventures (He’s agin’ ’em), corporate cronyism (He’s agin’ it), government cronyism (He’s agin’ it, too), Individual rights (He’s fer ’em), a sound, market-based economy (He’s fer it), and a non-circumvented, undistorted application of the Constitution (He’s fer it).

      I suspect these folk also like that he has held and expressed these beliefs for a goodly number of years, he apparently speaks his mind without regard to the audience, and he apparently wants America to be the Republic it was meant to be and continue to move toward what America was intended to become.

      Passionate? Yes. Bots? Hardly.

  2. Why doesn’t Romney just ask Obama to be his vice president?They have the same platform,and neither one can win without the other.

  3. The media mouthpieces and the GOP crony’s don’t get it. Sanrorum and Gingrich supporters will vote for Romney. Paul supporters won’t. Why? Because Paul supporters have real beliefs. The others don’t.

    Recently when I was asked by a GOP’er if I would support the party’s nominee if It wasn’t Paul. I replied “no”. This enraged the GOP’er: “Then why the fxxk did you join the Republican party? I replied I re-joined after many years because there was someone I could vote for. Someone with real integrity, and real values. Got the “if you don’t vote for XXXXXX, then it’s your fault that Obama gets reelected, rap.

    Nope, I said, “it’s the GOP’s fault for nominating someone that I/we cannot support.”

    Any GOP’ers that read this should take note: You never had our votes. They are there for Ron Paul. If you want our support, nominate him. Period.

  4. I’m a Texan and I voted early for Ron Paul, I smell a rat Susan Walker….

    Ron Paul or none at all!!!

    its more than a man ita a Revolution!!!!

  5. Dalton is right. The state conventions no longer matter. Romney supporters can stay home and crochet doilies, or whatever it is Romney supporters do. Let the Paul people have their fun and take all the leadership positions in the state GOP organizations (since it doesn’t matter). Then we’ll all get together in Tampa and have milk and cookies. See you there.

  6. Susan Walker, you have revealed yourself to be a propagandist, repeating misinformation in an attempt to mold public opinion. Unfortunately for you, there is the internet now and people do not need to rely any longer on media personnel in order to obtain their information.

    The information you report is false.

    To get a much more accurate status of the nomination process, see This site gives the actual process where the GOP nominee is selected.

    Romney is far from winning the nomination of the GOP party. In fact, as delegates are actually being selected in state meeting, Ron Paul continues to close the gap. The beauty contest public votes in most states do not reflect delegate counts needed to gain the nomination. Shame on you.

  7. Ron Paul will get 1-2% of the general election vote from people like myself writing him in during the election. Then we will see how well the Republicans plan to back Romney turned out. Romney is a big government liberal, there’s no hiding it. He has no plan to make any real cuts to the budget.

  8. im honestly crushed it seems unreal to think he really lossed to romney i went to his rallys they were huge!! theres no way in hell romney beat us its b.s. Dr, Ron Paul is the only man worth voting for the rEVOLution is not over..the message is out now and people see the governments true colors

  9. Voter fraud is alive and well in America. How about the November votes being counted in Spain? Research who owns/makes the voting machines…
    Obama will be elected in November. He is a puppet. Our civil liberties are slowly being taken away from us. There will be another attack on American soil. Hyperinflation will hit the US in 18 months.

  10. I will NEVER cast a vote for Obama or Romney. I will write in Ron Paul. At least when the country completely goes to hell I can say that I tried to do my part. Regardless of who wins the election, if things do not change drastically in this country, the person who wins will likely be the President that had the country forcefully taken away from him by the patriots and the real Americans. It is a certainty that we are coming upon a second American Revolution. The question is whether or not it will be bloodless.

  11. I don’t believe the lies. Ron Paul is the only one who in fact, intends to get us out of this economic mess and save our country. He is the only honorable candidate. God bless and protect him, his family, and all the Ron Paul supporters.

  12. I will only vote for Ron Paul, even if it takes a write-in. Everybody else is a stooge for the corporate/financial elite.

    Go Ron Paul 2012!

  13. Mitt Romney will loose to Barak Obama in Nov and that will be the year – end gift that the Republican Party will get! I am a Texan and I voted for Ron Paul. I don’t plan to show up voting for either Romney or Obama in Nov.For me the election year is over!

    • Write in Ron Paul’s name! This is far from over because the convention is going to be a circus!!!

  14. If I had to choose between watching an infomercial for a household product and a coronation-style informercial as envisioned by Eli Lehrer, I would choose the former as undoubtedly more informative and entertaining.

  15. Romney seems intent on losing. Why would someone who needs all the support he can get turn around and dump on the most energetic members of his own party? Romney seems like a loser. Sorry. Losers don’t win.

  16. Don’t believe this nonsense the Establishment Republicans are spewing.
    Ron Paul will NOT be denied and his grassroots supporters and delegates
    will see to that

  17. Call it what and when you will. Neither Romney or Obama will ever be my President, elected, selected, nominated, or however else falsely empowered to violate Constitutional tenets. I would rather have a jab in the eye with a sharp stick.

  18. If America was looking for a CEO instead of a president, I guess Romney is your choice.

    I would rather have a man who is running because he loves our country and wants to protect our freedoms and liberties. Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate in my lifetime that I truly feel is genuine and honest. That goes a long way with me.

    “Ron Paul or not at all.”

  19. Forgive me as a Republican for disagreeing that we need a “coronation-style infomercial” to unite us. We need a solid message and a common sense direction. Romney would do well to take the best of the ideas Ron Paul has to offer and highlight them as coming from Ron Paul. He would benefit by recognizing the energized life-blood that has been injected into the Party by the efforts of Ron Paul supporters and fully embrace it, and his followers.
    3)Pro-self reliance

  20. “you people” will never understand………The Ron Paul supporters in my eye are the passionate people of this country. I will just write in Ron Paul with an x next to his name. I will never vote for Obama nor will I vote for Romney.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Dr. Paul has some amazing points. Some are on the extreme side. He has a proven record of being honest, hard working and loyal to his principals and his constituents. This is much more than can be said for any other political figure that may come to mind. An example is Obamas personal stance on gay marriage. Now all of a sudden, he’s warming up to it? Human rights are human rights and gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone else, why shouldn’t they be happy? I find it awfully convenient and disgusting that obama would take this position presumably to get the votes.

      People may not agree with all Ron Paul has to say, however he is unwavering and honest and you don’t get to be so influential by any other tactic. I hope a lot of people write him in. I’m below the poverty line because I’m on SSD (multiple severe disabilities) and I know some decisions dr paul would have to make would be tough but I know he has everyone in mind and just doesn’t cater to this group or that. Personally, I’m writing in ron paul in november.

  21. What a joke Romney is. If you want to see embarrassment, watch the convention. It’s going to look like a Democrat is on stage. Lol

    Go Ron Paul!!!

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