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Friday, June 14, 2024

Will the REAL Terrorists Please Stand Up?

If the "War on Terror" is really a "war", then how come all the "terrorists" Mr. Bush is illegally holding indefinitely down at Gitmo are still being (politely) referred to as "detainees" rather than "prisoners of war"?

If the “War on Terror” is really a “war”, then how come all the “terrorists” Mr. Bush is illegally holding indefinitely down at Gitmo are still being (politely) referred to as “detainees” rather than “prisoners of war”?

And, how come the NSA and the CIA (et al) can easily read my vehicle’s license plate from space as well as tap my phones, read all my e-mails at will, and even know when I post a comment on the Internet, yet these agencies all seem to have an extreme amount of difficulty locating a Bedouin like Bin Laden and his henchmen, all of whom are supposedly traveling ON FOOT (and dragging a dialysis machine along, no less!) in a clearly defined mountainous region of the world?

Could it simply be that Bin Laden and the Taliban are FAR more valuable to Mr. Bush and his Republican Cabal in the Congress alive and kicking (rather than dead) come election time?

Over 60 years ago, our then President Franklin Roosevelt told us the only fear we had to fear was fear itself. However, THIS President and his Republican goon squad (along with numerous Republican Presidential wannabes) are actually now running campaign TV commercials pointing to the face of Bin Laden and telling us over and over again to “be afraid…. be very afraid.”

The dictionary defines terrorism as: “To fill or overpower with terror; terrify; to coerce by intimidation or fear”. That is, the key to terrorism is NOT the act itself, but the FEAR of the act somehow coming to pass. Therefore, by definition, terrorism is only effective when it makes people afraid!

So, why then Mr. President, do you and your merry band of Republican despots STILL insist on crawling into bed with Bin Laden and the terrorists by continually giving State of the Union addresses (as well as press conferences and running TV commercials) that do absolutely nothing but foment and perpetuate those EXACT same fears among your own citizens?

Could it be that without Bin Laden still at large (and your “detainees” firmly behind bars for you and your ilk to keep pointing to) your illegal “War on Terror” would simply evaporate in the shallow minds of the millions upon millions of ignorant lemmings who STILL eagerly and unquestioningly swallow such manufactured BS hook, line and sinker?

Or, could it simply be that you now have no choice but to keep beating the “terrorist” drum so as to give you and your goon squads enough time to get your rearward facing anatomies out of the country and not tossed into prison for war crimes when your terms of office are (thankfully) at an end.

As they say, if it walks like a duck………

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