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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Obama’s gay marriage endorsement could help Romney

President Barack Obama is seen on a monitor in the White House briefing room in Washington, Wednesday, May 9, 2012. President Barack Obama told an ABC interviewer that he supports gay marriage. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Barack Obama’s sweeping endorsement of gay marriage is already sending shockwaves through America with both sides lining up to take advantage of an issue that will redefine the Presidential campaign.

Obama’s backing of  legal marriages between adults of the same sex moves social issues to the forefront and creates a clear difference between the incumbent President and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“This campaign may well become a referendum on where Americans stand on the issue of gay marriage,” campaign strategist Pat Rawlings told Capitol Hill Blue Wednesday.  “It’s a gutsy move by a President who normally tries to steer clear of controversy.”

And Obama, more than anyone, knows the risks.

“It may hurt me,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with ABC News.  “The politics, it’s not clear how they cut in some places that are going to be pretty important in this electoral map.”

Calling his move risky may be an understatement.  Gay marriage is outlawed in 28 states and voters in states that have held referendums have repeatedly voted to ban such unions.

Romney opposes gay marriage.  Campaigning in Oklahoma Wednesday, he reiterated his support, saying “I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman.”

GOP strategists told Capitol Hill Blue Wednesday that Obama’s endorsement could unite conservatives behind Mitt Romney, even though they still doubt the former Massachusetts Governor’s commitment to their issues.

“Gay marriage is a hot button issue with many GOP voters,” says strategist Jeanne Gowling. “As long as Romney stands firm on this issue it it could energize the base that has so far been lukewarm.”

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5 thoughts on “Obama’s gay marriage endorsement could help Romney”

    • Like it or not, this is the way our system is supposed to work. Social issues should be left to the states (the People?) to decide for themselves.

      Obama, like any other American, is free to voice his opinion on the matter, as are you.

      In this case, the overlords are ourselves. The People voted against. Live with it.

      But of course, this shouldn’t be a matter of government at any level.

      But those that wish to use government to inflict their will (same-sex marriage advocates) are no more wrong or right than those that are forced to vote yea or nay on it.

      Bottom line…government should be out of the marriage business altogether.

      • The majority shouldn’t have the ability to vote for what rights we grant the minority.

        If you see this as a basics “rights” issue, the Federal Government should get involved – specifically the Supreme court.

        That being said, Romney has said that he favors a Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as one man and one woman.

      • Actually, marriage is a contractual agreement between two parties and the state which often gives the two parties special privileges such as a lowered tax status. The state specifically removed God from the equation other than the ceremony. So citing God as a reason for outlawing same sex marriage is really reverting the state law back to when churches controlled marital status. Maybe we can outlaw divorce next and have to execute our wives instead?

        Besides, there is no reason gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t have to suffer like the rest of us. 😀

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