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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Long-time Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar ousted in Indiana primary

Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana addresses supporters in a cafe in Crawfordsville, Indiana. (REUTERS/Nick Carey)

Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, the longest serving Republican in the Senate, lost his seat in the state primary Tuesday, giving tea party conservatives a major victory.

State Treasurer Richard Mourdock trounced Lugar by more than 20 percentage points, ending Lugar’s long career.  The primary vote was a bitter rebuke for Lugar, who came under fire for being out of touch with voters and for not even maintaining a residence in Indiana.

“Tonight, you did the impossible,” Mourdock told his supporters in an emotional acceptance speech.

Mourdock faces Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly in November.

Lugar’s loss was a blow to Gov. Mitch Daniels, who once served as Lugar’s chief of staff and backed the veteran senator.  Lugar was also backed by Sen. John McCain, the GOP nominee in 2008.

“My public service is not concluded,” Lugar told supporters. “I look forward to what can be achieved in the Senate in the next eight months despite a very difficult national election atmosphere.”

The soft-spoken Senator worked to create a bipartisan atmosphere in Congress, an affront to the more confrontational tea party and extreme right wing of the GOP>

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5 thoughts on “Long-time Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar ousted in Indiana primary”

  1. Those Tea Party folks are right about one thing: They can remake the Republican Party. Unfortunately for them though, what they are making is a party that can’t win general elections. Look at the percentage of voters who are registered Republicans: 27%! They need Independents (40%) to win, and selecting a candidate because he is extreme is just going to drive the Independents away.

    And it has no upside: Extreme conservatives would have voted in the general election for anybody the Republican Party selected, no matter how moderate. Where else are they going to go?

  2. I would have sworn it used to say “Capitol Hill Blue Staff” and not “Captiol Hill Blue Staff” like it does today?

    Anyhow, I hate these “anonymous” reports. Why wouldn’t one want their name and position on the byline?

    Oh yeah, good riddance Lugar. Anyone endorsed by McCain can’t be good for America. Israel maybe, but not America.

  3. Well, if Mourdock goes on to beat the Democratic opponent in November, here’s what everyone is joyously awaiting….

    From the Chicago Tribune article (link below): Indeed, Mourdock boasts about his refusal to work with Democrats. “The time for being collegial is past,” he told The New York Times recently. “It’s time for confrontation.”

    Just what every American’s been anticipating with bated breath, another member of Congress who says NO to everything, won’t work with the other side, complains a lot, and does little or usually no work to solve the country’s problems. And on top of it, they collect a hefty paycheck for all of this heavy breathing and bluster.,0,2280976.story

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