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Friday, September 30, 2022

Santorum issues late-night email endorsment of Romney

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney in CNN debate (AP Photo)

Rick Santorum ended speculation over whether or not he would endorse Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination with a long, rambling email sent out to supporters late Monday night.

Saying he and the former Massachusetts governor agreed on many issues, Santorum urged his supporters to “unite behind” Romney and work to defeat incumbent President Barack Obama in November.  But supporters had to get to the 13th paragraph of the 16-paragraph email before their candidate finally issued his long-anticipated endorsement.

Santorum told supporters that he and Romney agreed on abortion, same-sex marriage and cutting spending by the federal government.  The former Pennsylvania Senator said he was “comfortable” with Romney’s foreign policy positions and believed his one-time opponent would work hard to repeal Obama’s healthcare law.

Romney and Santorum met for an hour in Pittsburgh last Friday.

Said Santorum in his email:

My conversation with Governor Romney was very productive, but I intend to keep lines of communication open with him and his campaign. I hope to ensure that the values that made America that shining city on the hill are illuminated brightly by our party and our candidates thus ensuring not just a victory, but a mandate for conservative governance.

The endorsement came just before today’s primaries in Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina.



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2 thoughts on “Santorum issues late-night email endorsment of Romney”

  1. In my personal and professional experience, if you have to tell someone something that you really don’t want to tell them, bury it deep near the end of a long rambling email.

    They’ll never read it, but when they come back with “You never told me that!!” you can point back, and then they’ll find it.

    It’s a dirty trick, but it works.


    • Hi Jon!….That is a good technique and one that Santorum followed evidently.

      Poor Rom!…It appears he gets an endorsement like Santorum’s or a live endorsement that is halting or just not that enthusiastic or both. It’s like Rom is an actuary or CPA running for office….I don’t know….There does not seem to be much passion or excitement for him.

      But, hey, that might be comforting for some…maybe some people will vote for him because of all of the above….Maybe such people are suspicious of too much emotion for a candidate?

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