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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

New jobs decline for second straight month

A man and woman enter a job fair at the Phoenix Workforce Connection in Phoenix, Arizona. (REUTERS/Joshua Lott)

President Barack Obama promotes the fantasy that the American economy is rebounding.

The latest employment numbers say otherwise.

Employer hiring fell for the second straight month, coming in well below the rosy projections of a President hoping for re-election later this year.

The Labor Department said Friday that American employers added only 115,000 workers to their payrolls in April. The Obama administration estimated 170,000 jobs were created during the month.

“When you factor in the growth in population and those reaching an age for employment the actual statistical growth in jobs is ‘nil,” economic analyst Franklin Hewitt told Capitol Hill Blue Friday.

The White House will probably point to a slight downward tick in the unemployment rate to a three-year low but Hewitt said that slightly lower number is attributable more to Americans abandoning their search for jobs.

“Claims of a recovery are a fantasy,” Hewitt says. “The economy continues to flat-line.”

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4 thoughts on “New jobs decline for second straight month”

  1. Lets stop giving corporate welfare and tax everyone equally,cut spending,stop supporting world governments and take care of our schools and medical issues. There is tremendous greed that needed to adress by the 1% club at the expense of the working class,and don’t give the bull that they will take this extra tax break to create jobs because they have not done it in the past 12 years.

  2. i think you need to review what the wh has said … i don’t think they have ever stated since they stopped the bleeding that the economy was in high gear … it has always been viewed with some optimism but always stating they can not say the economy has recovered

  3. Now wait just a minute!

    Are you trying to say that what I see on the television may not be true? Obama is the undisputed Leader of the Free World, he wouldn’t be dishonest or un-forthcoming on such trivial matters.

    For shame on this reporter!

    The economy is just hunky-dory, thank you very much!

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