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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Edwards’ wife, upset over affair, stripped down in front of staff members

Elizabeth Edwards

An emotionally distraught Elizabeth Edwards, upset over her husband’s increasingly public affair, stripped off her blouse and bra in front of staffers of the former North Carolina Senator and screamed at him that “you don’t see me anymore,” a former aide testified

The explosive testimony, while sensational, did not provide any evidence that John Edwards illegally used contributions to his failed Presidential campaign to hide and pay off his pregnant mistress.

Former campaign adviser Christina Reynolds, testifying at the trial in Greensboro, NC, said Edwards’ wife, who was fighting cancer, stripped down at an airport in front of other campaign staffers. Another former staff member, Matthew Nelson, said the candidate’s wife started “pawing” at her husband on the way to the airport and said “is this what you do together when you’re in the car in New York?”

Both aides said Elizabeth Edwards’ emotional outbursts began after a tabloid article offered detais of her husband’s affair with videographer Rielle Hunter in 2007.

But instead of detailing the elaborate scheme the government claims Edwards oversaw to shield details of the affair from voters, testimony from the staff members and others appeared to support the defense claim that the money was donated from supporters who wanted to help the candidate hide his indiscretion from public view.

Some of that money came from heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, who gave Edwards $725,000 in checks to help him hide his affair and the pregnant Hunter. Prosecutors claim the money was intended for campaign use but diverted. The defense says the money was not campaign related and given to help Edwards conceal the relationship with Hunter and the pregnancy.

Elizabeth Edwards died of cancer in 2010.

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  1. Since this trial began, there are only two people left in the world who have sympathy for John Edwards — John Edwards himself and John Edward’s mistress.

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