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Friday, September 30, 2022

Santorum, Gingrich put price tags on their endorsements

Rick Santorum: Endorsement for sale (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

Former GOP Presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are offering endorsements of presumptive nominee Mitt Romney but the nods will come at a price.

Santorum wants a GOP convention platform riddled with right-wing dogma.  Gingrich’s price is more basic:  He wants Romney to help pay off the former Speaker of the House‘s massive campaign debts.

While both are expected to eventually endorse Romney both have made it clear that the endorsement is for sale and the price will be high.

Saying nice things about Romney is a bitter pill for Santorum and Gingrich.  Neither like the man slated to carry the GOP banner in a run against President Barack Obama.  During the campaign, Gingrich called Romney “a liar” and “a disgrace to the party” while Santorum characterized the former Massachusetts governor as “the worst Republican in the country.”

Santorum’s aides, in meetings with Romney’s campaign staff, insist on support for strong conservative language on social issues in the GOP platform.  Romney is expected to capitulate because the platform is traditionally ignored once the campaign gets underway.

Gingrich — millions of dollars in debt from his failed campaign — wants payments from Romney’s campaign fund and help with fundraising to retire the debt.  He also wants help in “repairing his reputation.”  Both demands may be harder to meet, in part because the damage to Gingrich’s reputation was self-inflicted and because the Romney campaign does not consider an endorsement from the former speaker worth much in political capital.

Gingrich is expected to formally end his campaign on Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Santorum, Gingrich put price tags on their endorsements”

  1. Duh?!


    Loser…You and me.

    And the cycle continues…

    Americans = Media Lemmings.

    ‘Nuf said.

  2. This proves that Ron Paul was right. Santorum is a fake conservative. Niether Santorum nor Gingrich ever had A. an organized campaign and B. the money to run for President! If they really cared to get a conservative elected they would endorse Dr. Ron Paul for President.

    • Sure they don’t care to elect a conservative. It’s kind of hard to continue imperialistic globalist empire under true classic conservatism. 😕 These fakers are all dyed in the wool Neoconservatives. They only pay lip service to conservatives for votes.

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