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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race? Follow the money


Three time Presidential loser Ron Paul is – technically – the last “anybody but Romney” contender left in the once crowded list of wannabes for the  GOP nomination of President.

Technically because Paul is not a contender.

He never was.

He’s lost twice before. He’s already lost this year.  That makes him a three-time loser.

He’s a boil on the American body politic, an irritant in a system where fringe candidates get more attention than they deserve while motivating a small, but loud and obstructionist army of ill-informed, largely ignorant supporters who will believe anything but the truth.

When former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich “unofficially” suspended his campaign Wednesday, Paul said he’s in the race to say, even if presumptive nominee Mitt Romney captures the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

Said Paul this week:

We’re in the third lap of a mile race.  Who knows? Maybe someone will stumble. You can never tell.  If tomorrow Romney had the absolute number, I would continue in a modified way.

Mitt Romney could keel over from a heart attack tomorrow and Paul would still not get the nomination.  The GOP leadership has enough plans in pace to bring in someone — anyone — but Ron Paul.  Some flakes are too extreme even for the GOP.

Romney currently has 685 delegates, more than 10 times Paul’s 63.  The former Massachusetts governor is expected to reach the total he needs by late May or early June.

Paul admits he’s staying in the race for the money.  If he drops out of the race, he said, “you don’t get any money, you wind up with debt, and you don’t’ get those crowds coming out.”

Yep, it’s always about the money with Paul.  From his race-baiting newsletters to his “get rich” investment schemes, money has always been the driving force for his campaigns.  The claims of individual rights, civil liberties and strict adherence to the Constitution are merely props to support a money machine that has made he and his family rich over the years.

Capitol Hill Blue examined Paul’s financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and found he has a history of ending his Presidential campaigns with millions in the bank and then transferring those funds to one of his “foundations” that are used to employ family members and cronies and fund his lifestyle.

It’s a scam that has worked through the years and continues because of gullible supporters who are willing to contribute to failed campaigns that never stood a chance.

So Paul will remain in the race to milk every last dime possible from the weak-minded who embrace his failed ideas, false rhetoric and misleading hopes.

Writes Andy Wang of the Yahoo Contributor Network:

In actuality, Mitt Romney became the de facto Republican nominee for president when Santorum exited the race. But for some completely unapparent reason, Ron Paul and his campaign have refused to acknowledge what should be common and logical sense. Instead, they march onward with their futile and meaningless campaign while continuing to immorally solicit donations from their similarly blinded supporters.

Immoral?  Ron Paul? God, that will send his hysterical supporters into screaming fits.  Wang had best change the route he takes to works.  Paul’s rapid supporters like to threaten those who dare question the veracity of Saint Paul.

Paul claims he is staying in the race and will not release his delegates because his collection of less than 10 percent will “have an impact on the convention and the platform.”

They won’t.

It’s all part of the con.

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81 thoughts on “Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race? Follow the money”

  1. You apparently have many people responding to your commentaries without mine adding to the numbers. I see nothing to add to anything these days. Someday you might come up with a discusson or debate on reasons for any of us to continue to vote. CHB has not come up with anything of value in a long time. It is even worse on R.R.

    Good luck chief…

    • OK, Sandy, I’ll be the first one to say: “Don’t leave!” I say this in all seriousness: “I enjoy reading your posts.”

      Regarding this whole Ron Paul brouhaha and regarding all of the other CHB’s articles that vibrate our keyboards, in all of this, my take is that none of us will change any minds out there with what we write, but maybe all we can hope for is that a nugget in what we write makes a reader stop and think for a few mini-seconds or helps them learn some new information, and if that happens, that ain’t so bad. In other words, any gains are so very modest, but that’s not to say there aren’t any gains at all.

      Mostly, when we post, we do it for ourselves…when we read about certain issues on CHB, we like to release some of pressure built up in our cranial cavities…It’s a bit cathartic.

      So, hang around, someone has to keep Doug on his toes. Don’t let him off so easy by opting out. 🙂

  2. Whoa again!…After reading all of those Ron Paul supporter’s comments, I think I’ll follow the action plan of the characters in the 1962 version of the movie — The Manchurian Candidate.

    In the movie, the men who come back from imprisonment in North Korea all say the exact same glowing words about their sergeant — Raymond Shaw (played by Laurence Harvey ) – who before they came back from North Korea they more than strongly disliked.

    Therefore, to avoid any stink eyes, swear words, or impertinent accusations, I will say those words here:

    “Ron Paul is the bravest, kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

  3. Nailed it Doug. It’s all theater to these folks and they get paid by the audience.

    I personally think he needs more drums…

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