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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sarah Palin as Romney’s running mate? No one is that crazy (we hope)

Sarah Palin: Next stop, The Twilight Zone (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Some people suggest presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney should consider Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Some people need electro-shock therapy.

Even in a Twilight Zone year of “anything is possible” politics, the concept of putting Sarah Palin on a national ticket is beyond ludicrous.  It suggests an departure from reality that zooms far beyond insanity.  Yet emails suggesting her as Romney’s “best choice” for veep arrive at Capitol Hill Blue daily.

It’s bad enough that the washout from Wasila remains in the public eye.  The idea of another political season of Sarah Silliness is the last thing this nation needs.

John McCain’s desperate campaign team, looking for a “game change” inflicted Palin on the national psyche in 2008, infecting the body politic with a virus of epidemic proportions.

Palin’s emergence stretched the boundaries of belief that anyone can grow up to be President.  Of course, in Palin’s case, she would need to grow up first to be anything but what she is:  A pop culture example of how celebrity overrules sanity and shallowness trumps reality in today’s political environment.

Still, some say Romney needs a “game changer” on the ticket.

Why?  Why not do something unique this election season?. Why not look for the best qualified candidate for the job rather than some 15-second flash in the pan?

Scratch that outrageous idea. This is politics.

Anything is possible.

Except sanity.

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10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin as Romney’s running mate? No one is that crazy (we hope)”

  1. Romney needs a strong conservative for his running mate to keep the far right voting, but this person must be able to do more than just fog a mirror ala Palin. The smart money is with a southern state politician.

  2. Nah, even the Republicans can’t be idiotic enough to put an airhead combining skills in operating high powered rifles pointed through helicopter windows at Bambi, attempts at beauty queen status, claims that she reads every newspaper printed on a daily basis, digests the contents of every magazine upon arrival at the newsstand, who bailed mid-term on her elected office, has a hotline to the Almighty, and who claims to be able to discern what is on the mind of certain powerful Muscovites through observations made in the back yard of the family home.

    They wouldn’t do it. Not twice.

    Or, they would. Then they deserve what they get at the polls, depending of course on who’s counting the votes. With the right vote counters, who knows? It could be a winning ticket.

  3. I’m surprised that you’re surprised about this. Palin isn’t constantly appearing on Hannity’s America, offering opinions on subjects she know nothing about for comic relief. She’s there because the GOP base really likes her.

  4. Princess Palin is waiting for Queen Elizabeth to pass away so she can run for Queen of the British Empire which she still thinks we’re a part of.

  5. That is what we need to make the GOP ticket complete. Romney has no known beliefs, and Palin is known crazy on every topic.

    This would simplify the election. I’m not happy with Obama, but absolute pure insanity would make even him look good.

  6. Okay, Danny! write a twist ending for us. It can be as weird and kinky as you want. My son does special effects for the Movie Industy. Doug is the boss of this production.

  7. Great article, Doug!….It’s amazing that some people write in to you wanting her to be Rom’s VP. Because it’s not April Fool’s Day, we know you’re not pulling our legs, but to read this is a shocker to me!

    Going along w/ Sandy’s movie idea, for most respectable Republicans, having Palin on a second VP ticket run would provoke their naming of the movie –> “Hangover — Part III — a Presidential Apocalypse”. If everyone would just remain sober or less fanatical, they could choose someone else from the list of 313M people in the U.S. a fare better.

    Lastly, in the above quote: “Even in a Twilight Zone year of “anything is possible” politics…”, I have to say as a fan of the old TV series, Twilight Zone had a lot more going for it than 2012 Presidential politics — as a work of fiction, it made a heck of a lot more sense, the dialog was much better written, and the stories imported more meat to the viewers’ brains and to their souls than do the current goings-on of these Republican candidates.

  8. Yes indeed Chief, Governor Romney absolutely needs a game changer on his ticket. I can’t imagine anyone other than Santortum or Gingrich being off-balance enough to consider being in the position of V.P. It would put them in the position of being next in line if some horrible accident should happen to Romney.

    How would you like to be on duty protecting President Ronney when he gets into a parade on some holiday? What a mystery novel this would make. Is Dan Brown available for the book of the year award? Two men, of different religions will plan the murder of the President as individuals without the other involved in the plans of how or where or when this would happen.

    Indiana Jones/Virginia Doug (Biker) follows the clues left behind by both men with a trail of clues leading to the other one. Even the Mayan Calendar could be used as the final deadline of December 21st. There may not be enough time to put a book together but what about a screen play? Could we do it for CHB?

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