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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Secret Service and their girls: Some were hookers, others just pickups

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan (AFP Photo/Alex Ogle)

At least 20 women frolicked with Secret Service agents and military personnel in their hotel rooms before President Barack Obama arrived in Columbia for a Latin American summit.

But Capitol Hill Blue has learned that while some were prostitutes, others were women the men picked up in the bar of the hotel.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan says 11 agents and 10 male members of the military told different stories about the women who came to their rooms for sex.  Some of the women were apparently prostitutes. Others were locals they met in the bar.

Either way, the active libidos of both the secret service agents and military personnel created what some felt was a serious breach of security and a potential threat to the safety of President Obama.  Published reports say Obama’s travel schedule was in the room and available for anyone to see during the evening of sex and drinking.

“That is a serious matter,” says one retired agent, who asked not to be identified.  “It represents a breach in protocol that is clearly against the standard operating procedure of the Secret Service.”

But others suggest partying hard and sampling the pleasures of willing bed partners is business as usual for the agents charged with protecting the President.

“High stress occupations lead to excessive behavior to relieve that stress,” says occupational psychologist Dr. Stanley Goodwin.

Sullivan said Tuesday he has turned the matter over to an independent government investigator.  The 11 agents were stripped of their security clearances, badges and guns pending the outcome of that investigation. They remain on paid administrative leave.

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Service and their girls: Some were hookers, others just pickups”

  1. As a woman, I am shocked SHOCKED! at not only the actions of these young women but how under paid they were in their jobs. One is suing for a promised $100 per agent and she only received $30 for both.

    Ladies (Senoras) listen to your grandmother from America. You strip for no less than $1000. When you get to that stage in your performance, double the price until the Secret Service has exhausted themselves.

    If any of those gals ever get to Indiana, they will be taken into the Labor Union which may be in the planning stage as we speak. Secret Service is a very special select group of men and they will pay top dollar for your silence.

    If Gov. Romney wins in November, the select Secret Service will still demand your services, but you will have to marry them first immediately following your baptism in the LDS.

    For this service rendered by your grandmother in California, you may make a donation to the “Obama for President” organization. The Secret Service knows where to send the money.

  2. “High stress occupations lead to excessive behavior to relieve that stress,”

    Secret Service jobs are high stress? Don’t make me laugh.

    Between the SS, the military, and the local police there are thousands of armed soldiers surrounding the president when he travels abroad. Xerxes, king of Persia, had a smaller escort when he invaded Greece. The President doesn’t have to worry about anything more than the occasional thrown shoe.

    So the fact that the President’s bodyguards pick up girls in bars or order prostitutes doesn’t surprise me in the least. With thousands of bodyguards there just isn’t that much to do for any one individual. Bureaucracy breeds boredom and laziness. And “excessive behavior” is one way to relieve boredom.

  3. Heard a fellow on the radio who’s written a book about the Secret Service, and one of his first comments was that he was surprised that Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan still has his job. There were two previous unauthorized security breaches during Obama’s term with Sullivan in charge of security.

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