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Friday, December 1, 2023

Santorum: There ‘seems to be a panic’ in GOP establishment

Rick Santorum (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum says the Republican establishment is in a panic and that’s why they are flocking to support former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Romney has picked up a rash of endorsements in Wisconsin over the past few days, including Rep. Paul Ryan and tea party darling Sen. Ron Johnson.  In addition, another tea-party hotshot — South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint — jumped on the Romney bandwagon.

Santorum’s reaction:

I think from what you see, there seems to be a panic among the Republican establishment of everybody sort of coming out of the woodwork to say the things they’re saying here today. A lot of people must be concerned we’re going to do really well on Tuesday, so I’m encouraged by all the this. It shows the establishment is getting nervous.  I’m confident we’ll have a good day on Tuesday.

Santorum’s confidence is not supported by recent polls which show Romney’s lead increasing in Wisconsin. Santorum also insists he has no plans of dropping out even if he loses Wisconsin and other upcoming primary contests that appear to favor Romney.

Meanwhile, campaigning in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, Romney said:

The support for my campaign is growing stronger and stronger.  This was an uphill battle for me if you look back three or four weeks ago and now we’re looking like we’re going to win this thing on Tuesday.

But while Romney’s prospects for capturing the GOP nomination appear stronger, his showing against President Barack Obama is weakening.  A new Gallup poll shows Romney trailing Obama in key battleground states and the Republican frontrunner is losing support among women and Latino voters.

“Romney is still the best candidate in a head-to-head match against Obama but at this point no GOP contender is beating the President,” a long-time GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Of course, at this point, that could change.  November is still a long time off.”

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3 thoughts on “Santorum: There ‘seems to be a panic’ in GOP establishment”

  1. The headline says….”Santorum: There ‘seems to be a panic’ in GOP establishment”, but I think Santorum is using the wrong term…the Republican Establishment is not in a “panic”…instead, they are “impatient”. Many probably feel the frontrunner should’ve been determined long before this. They are impatient for Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul to high-tail it out of the race.

    Santorum calls it a “panic” of course, because he loves hyperbole, and he wants to create in the minds of Republican voters the view that he’s a threat to the Republican establishment, when in reality, he’s sorta like the last guest at your dinner party who keeps on yakking and jawin’ and won’t leave even when you put on your pajamas and your wife her nightgown.

  2. I think Senator Santorum is worried that Etch-a-Sketch artist Gov. Romney might just change his views again and revert back to backing women’s rights, choices and their use of birth control. It would be his only chance of beating President Obama.

    This is what happens when the Republican National Committee decides to make the GOP over into a Christian Party. Since the end of World War 2, this is what they wanted! Sadly it is only the very senior members of the GOP who can remember the threats of the Birch Society and know exactly what it is they wanted for America.

    They put all their eggs in Santorum’s easter basket and are coming very close to their dream of a Christian America.

    I would figure that this will start up again in 2016 or 2020 before they manage to do it. I will never live in a Christian nation which is why I’ve been working so hard to guarantee the freedoms for all Americans; not just the white Christian straight men.

    Anyone interested in American history must look again at the Pilgrims who slaughtered so many women for being witches. This is standard operating procedure for Christians in power.

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