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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Record number of Americans oppose Afghan war


With soldiers burning Qurans and a deranged Army staff sergeant charged with blowing away 17 Afghan civilians the failing U.S. military effort in Afghanistan has turned into the most unpop0ular American war since Vietnam.

A new CBS/New York Times poll shows 69 percent of those surveyed opposed to the war — a record number.  Just 23 percent believe America is “doing the right thing” in the conflict.

“Afghanistan is Barack Obama‘s Vietnam,” a disgruntled Democratic consultant told Capitol Hill Blue Monday. “He’s in a no-win situation.”

Obama inherited the Afghan war from previous President George W. Bush but chose to expand the war while scaling down the Iran effort.

The the country where even the Russians gave up and pulled out has turned into a political morass.

“Strategically, the mission in Afghanistan is no longer clear,” says retired Army Gen. Don Alford. “We’ve lost focus.”

According to the latest poll, most Americans agree.

Pollsters found 68 percent feeling the war was going “somewhat” or “very badly” for America. That feeling was split among Republicans and Democrats.

Among the four remaining Republican Presidential contenders, only Texas Congressman Ron Paul feels America should abandon the war in Afghanistan but the popularity of that stance with what now seems to be a majority of Americans has not translated into victories for him. He is dead last in primaries won or delegates collected.

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