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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ron Paul on quitting: Hell no, he won’t go

Ron Paul supporters in Missouri: When you can't win by following the rules, cause a ruckus

Piers Morgan of CNN had the gall Monday to ask last-place GOP Presidential contender Ron Paul a logical question.

Why doesn’t he just quit and leave the race to those who actually have a chance of winning?

Paul, of course, wanted nothing to do with reality, be it political or otherwise.

Asked Morgan: “Why don’t you just do the decent thing and quit?”

Responded Paul: “Why don’t you do the decent thing and not pester me with silly questions like that?  I mean, that would be decent of you.”

Ironic that Paul tries to take the high road on decency.  The man who used racist newsletters to pull himself out of debt in the 70s and 80s and now claims a non-existent mantle of populism abandoned decency long ago.

Like his rabid, but gullible, following, Ron Paul lives in a world of illusion, delusion and deception.  He claims his race is not about winning primaries but gathering delegates.

How’s that working?  Paul has 71 delegates — dead last in the GOP count.  Frontrunner Mitt Romney has 569 — more than half the number needed to secure the nomination.

Yet Paul insists “we’re doing quite well” when it comes to delegates.

The soon to be ex-Texas Congressman claims “it’s way too soon to write anybody off,” but he’s playing his supporters. He appeals only to a minute percentage of voters but he mesmerizes them enough so they continue to write checks and pad his campaign accounts with money that he will not spend for his election but hoard — as he always does — and then funnel through his phony foundations to support him and his family.

That’s the art of the Paul con.  It always has been.  From the racially-tinged “Ron Paul Political Report” to the doomsday spouting economic screeds, the Paul political machine has passed off fake promises of change to fuel a machine to make money and pad his bank account.

“The Ron Paul political movement, if it can be called such, is running out of steam,” a long-time GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “He has a base of 10-12 percent and that’s it.  He can’t rise above that level.”

Whenever Paul loses — which is most of the time — he screams “voter fraud.”  When the media dares expose his racist past, he claims ignorance of the bigoted scandal sheets published in his name. It’s all part of the con.

Paul is claiming victory in the Missouri caucuses but — like so many of his claims — his take on reality is long on hyperbole and short on facts.  No winner is declared in the caucuses.  Delegates are not bound to a particular candidate and will cast their final votes in the congressional district conventions on April 21.

The true nature of Paul’s campaign tactics emerged in St. Charles, MO, earlier this month when his supporters tried to change the rules, got rowdy and disrupted the proceedings so much that organizers called in the cops, who busted two of the Paul faithful for trespassing.

Party officials shut the caucus down and rescheduled it for April 10.

“It’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys around here,” Tom Kipers, former chairman of the St. Charles County GOP, told ABC News.

The Paul campaign wanted to elect their own chairman of the caucus and change the rules after they were set — another typical tactic.

As a candidate, Paul never stood a chance.  His campaign is toast and his ability to influence the ticket or the convention has faded through continued losses and the dilution of overreaching.

But Ron Paul will soldier on, like bottom feeders often do, because dropping out would stem the flow of cash from his money machine.

And money is what it’s all about.

Paul’s campaign isn’t about America.

It isn’t about the Constitution and it certainly isn’t about freedom.

It’s about money.  When he cries “voter fraud,” he’s correct is a sick sort of way.

There’s voter fraud every time some gullible fool casts a vote for a phony populist like Ron Paul.

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5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on quitting: Hell no, he won’t go”

  1. Bill, there are many of us (left over from the Perot days) who know and understand the agenda of individual liberties that have been removed from the whole plan under the Republican movement.

    Simply said, Americans no longer want their choices and decisions to be made by all of us and would rather allow the government to tend to us from the crib to the grave. It is too much trouble to define these freedoms. Most of us seniors grew up taking full responsibility for how we were employed, how we were insured and how we fit into the culture of our own neighborhoods. When an emergency landed on us we borrowed money on our equity and paid it off even if it meant taking a weekend job. When prices were consistent this was possible but today everything has doubled in cost without our income doubling.

    Our public schools used to teach our kids to read and write but today our kids can’t get into college without first attending junior colleges adding cost to the whole realm of academics. Perot understood our problems and Ron Paul addressed them as well.

    Neither one had a chance in hell of winning the white house. It was impossible to get the message out to the voters that there was hope for change.

    The problem is that voters are too lazy to learn about these new agendas as it cuts into the television shows that soothe the ignorant masses.

    America doesn’t deserve to even try for a Democratic election. Some of us continue to try to bring men like Paul and Perot to the forefront and we end up taking insults for our efforts. Some of us even try to introduce a new train of thought based on ideals that are positively thrown back at us by people who have no ability to read and learn from a new voice.

    When we close off new free thinkers, we deserve to die off. Every generation brings a new way of looking at a lot of our old forms of political action but allowing these new forms to breathe is shunned. When Senator Dole was the best the Republican Party offered, I realized America was a dying government. In 2008, again the GOP fell on its arse with McCain and his new silly V.P. and they had nothing to win with. The GOP has nothing to win with at this time. We did a criminal check with the candidates who ran on the LP ticket and most of them were wanted for back taxes and aggravated assault charges.

    Americans are falling apart when they even try to sign on to run for office. Santorum and Gingrich could not figure out how to register to even run for office. Neither one knew how to work for the delegates and how in hell did they figure they could run for office? Did they expect their wives to do it for them?

    Were none of these men ever involved in their high school governments? Hell, even I was the Student Body Treasurer in my senior year. These damn fools are too busy poking around in the women’s private parts to run for office.

    Maybe we should cancel the November election and simply keep what we have got and save some money.

  2. I am continually amazed by the level of psychotic madness that Ron Paul supporters exemplify. Unless your sentence starts and ends with “Ron Paul is Constitutional” your point of view doesn’t matter. Paulbots are a clear representation of what the world would be like with that odd little old man as president, that is to say, anyone who would dare disagree with him is labeled an unconstitutional idiot. Or anyone that has another point of view is a troll. They are very good at spamming websites into oblivion with nutty Ron Paul links. They are very good at answering every question with another question which it seems never makes any sense. Yes I want the president of the United States to follow the Constitution but I also want that president to be able to identify and see the world we live in and address it accordingly. Ron Paul would be lost and confused in doing so. The love of this man has turn into fanaticism by his following and they have indeed lost their collective minds!

  3. Gullible? I would argue that the real gullible voters are those that continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans believing that a hand-picked Establishment candidate will actually change any thing (read: Obama, Bush, Clinton, et al.).

    It’s the system, stupid. I believe those are words that you’ve repeated quite often on these very pages.

    But you support it.

    Although I recognize that this is an opinion piece, and you are indeed entitled to yours, what Paul represents is a break from the status quo, a break from the Establishment, a break from the immensity of our federal government.

    A return to our roots.

    The Founders were considered extremist too.

  4. I’m not sure what is so appealing about Paul…Maybe it’s the fact that when you listen to him he has the appearance of wisdom, honesty, and common sense…it’s the way he talks…to many he probably sounds so reasonable….that is until you delve into his past as we read here.

    Besides Paul being in the race for the money, maybe it’s also what drives a lot of people who thrive on politics — vanity and the attention of the masses.

  5. There are millions of Americans who will not bow down to the corruption found in both parties. Dr. Paul lost me when he joined up with the Republican Party. He should have stayed an Independent where his numbers would mean something. I think he did this to support his son.

    Is there anyone left who will take up fight for individuals in America? Apparently not!

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