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Friday, April 19, 2024

This is America: Failure is not an option


A common mantra uttered by the four contenders for the Republican nomination for President — when they take a break from bashing each other — is that America won’t survive another four years with Barack Obama as President.

While we here at Capitol Hill Blue are no fans of the current occupant of the White House, an examination of the four lackluster pretenders running for the GOP nomination leads us to ask: “Can America survive even four more days of the Republican Party?”

The answer of course is that America can — and will — survive whomever emerges as the victor in November’s Presidential race, be it the current out-of-his-depth President, an empty-suit rich guy, a trash-talking evangelical, a serial adulterer or an old false-prophet Libertarian.

America, thankfully, is stronger than any delusional Presidential candidate, any power-mad political party or any faux populist movement.

As a nation, America may be headed in the wrong direction but she has gone down that road before and found her way home. This nation has — and will continue to — overcome many challenges, many warnings of impending doom and many threats to her future.

It isn’t always easy. This is the America that put its first African-American President into the White House, which immediately spawned a resurgence of hate, bigotry and delusions of white supremacy.  We are a diverse nation with a diverse people and diverse opinions — some of them not pleasant.

If there is a threat to America’s future, it springs from the belief that this nation must be one of singular focus, of blind adherence to just one set of beliefs with allegiance to only one ideal or philosophy.

That is where political parties, so-called “grassroots” movements and hidden-agenda-driven organizations fail to grasp the true America.   America is bigger than Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents.  This nation was founded on the concept that a new land could welcome peoples of different beliefs, of different religions and different economic strata.

Instead of a nation where differences are welcomed and embraced, we have become a nation at war with itself, one where those who seek to control government and consolidate power operate under the flawed concept that their way is the only way.

From time to time, such conceit may succeed.  One party may control government — for a short while — yet such seizures of power end because Americans have a self-correcting mechanism called the ballot box.  Voters may bitch and moan about the how futile our Democratic Republic has become but they are the ones who rise up when needed and toss the bastards out so another set of power-mad politicians can come in and fail.

At best, democracy is a flawed concept but yet it is one that works when needed and serves its purpose.

Winston Churchill said “democracy is the worst form of government imaginable…except for all other forms.”

America will survive another four years with any flawed leader that voters choose in November.

Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we are not Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Socialists or any other political stereotype.  We are not conservative, liberal, progressive, regressive or whatever.

We are Americans and we believe that is a big, important difference.

We believe in an America where failure is too often predicted but is never really an option.

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32 thoughts on “This is America: Failure is not an option”

  1. Americans, like all homo sapiens are, in the big scheme of things, lesser than ants, and far more destructive.

    If humanity’s collective mindset was considered from a psychological perspective then we would probably fall into that class of person that suffers from narcissistic personality disorder – of the pathological variety.

    It’s incurable.

    I’m sure the ants would agree.

  2. I’ve been banned from Mr. Thompson’s site for expressing my opinions. To CHB posters, keep writing, nothing changes and you may be censured…
    But it’s fun to ventilate and express all these wonderful thoughts. Rave on….

    • I’m curious. If you’ve been banned, how is it that your comment is here and I’m responding to it. Isn’t it great when the drugs kick in? 🙂

  3. We went from a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, with great concern for the welfare of our nation, to a nation of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation in which people do not matter, they are nothing more than a commodity to be be used up as cheap labor. A corporate state is a facist state.

  4. We seem to have gone from the highest standard of living in the world, the best education in the world, and the best health care in the world, and an if we’re not the best it is not good enough attitude, to extremely poor education, extremely poor health care, and extremely poor distribution of wealth, and an attitude of oh well, so what, there are worse places to live.

    • And the decline of all these things just happens to coincide with our government’s attempts to fix or gain control of them.

      But they do it for us, those wonderfully selfless public servants.

  5. What America takes comfort in is not being told the truth… by politicians, elites, and their fawning media… and yet having enough moxie to get along pretty well anyway… up until lately. BUT, the vast majority of those who know and tell the truth show the actual data that make it crystal clear America is headed for a serious fall without a drastic change in goals and modus operandi. Those who continue to deny and obfuscate the truth are, indeed, aiming America toward Failure.

  6. The general concept assumes we are a nation of the people, by the people, for the people. A nation in which the government serves its citizens, not one in which the citizens are nothing more than an expendable commodity to serve the government. That is the dream. As far as reality of what we are or have ever been is something else. Without the dream, the system falls apart and becomes a nightmare.

    • That would be important to ask.

      I think there’s a dozen different concepts of “America” out there, a few including:

      1) That envisioned by the Founding Fathers in the 1770’s.

      2) That implemented by the Founding Fathers in the 1770’s.

      3) That which repatriated the Confederacy by force in the 1850’s.

      4) That which supplied much of the men and machines in World War II.

      5) That what we have today.

      I hold none of those are the same country.

      “America” as a concept is entirely worthless if it means different things to different people at different times.


  7. I’m less worried about who occupies the White House than the permanent powers they gather around the presidency while they’re there.

    Obama, for example, wanted the power to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without charges, which Republicans yelled about while forgetting that Bush tried to do the exact same thing before him, most famously in the Padilla case. If Bush had succeeded Obama would’ve inherited the power from Day One, just as he inherited all the Constitution-cracking powers Bush took after 9/11. Whatever powers Obama succeeds in getting will thus be passed along indefinitely to his successors, regardless of party or intentions.

  8. There are all kinds of things we can do to clear up the problems in America. Perot gave us the key to ridding our debts and a key to keeping manufacturing at home. I blame the media for making a laughing character out of his charts.

    All of Washington D.C. realized the danger of Russia’s involvement in Cuba. We all played the “what if” and the document was written in secret of how the government would take over our energy, roads, communications and everything we would need to survive. The E.O. was always at the ready if we took another threat from Russia.

    The EO that is running like a virus in America is being treated as a threat not a plan. My years with the Red Cross has shown me how very near Americans are to another civil war. We have many survival plans but the American people do not trust us to the point of removing their house numbers from their homes.

    If America takes “the bomb” the American people will panic and finally realize their prayers will be hopeless and they had better be prepared to take care of the family. They are terrified of any plans to keep them safe.

    The churches have failed their parishioners and could learn from the Mormons how to take care of each other. Americans are to lazy and stupid to ever consider following a plan for their survival. They will continue to arm themselves and be prepared to take from others by force, if necessary. “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

  9. The silent majority is an unorganized, ineffective third party that can’t agree on anything, but when they get rubbed the wrong way they can actually do things like become politicaly active and vote. They are Ben Franklin’s lamb. Fat lambs rarely do anything but when they get hungry there is a whole lot of bah-ing going on. They could care less about the bullshit filled windbags in Washington but let them get hungry or angry and there is a whole lot of bah bah bah. Democracy. liberty, and freedom, the things we hold so dear are not order. They are chaos, and anarchy. A third party would be nothing more than more bureaucratic bullshit. What we need is an informed, involved populace. So, scream, yell, shout, vote, take to the streets, but please spare us bureaucratic bullshit. Democracy was never meant to work; it was meant to free the individual from oppression. Democracy is chaos. Totalitarianism is order. I’ll take chaos.

    • Pure democracy is the tyranny of the majority… i.e., mob rule. Liberty / freedom is not tantamount to chaos if exercised ethically, which free men and women of conscience want to do. Perhaps the thought that anarchy and chaos are the only result of freedom is what scares people.

  10. David, we tried a third party in 1992 and few took it seriously. Too many could not follow the charts presented by Ross Perot. Many found him laughable. Until the voters get serious, we will never locate a system that works.

  11. If you have two arms and a leg cut off, the best thing you could do would be to kick someone to death.

  12. Two wolves and a lamb. Republicans and Democrats that have both sold out to special interests and are in it for their own personal gain and the silent majority that could give a rat’s ass about anything, but when they collectively get pissed off, nothing can stand in there way. So it is not a two party but a three party system, and the key to making it work is keeping the lamb well armed with information. In the immortal words of Rambo, “Heeey, f**k em!!!

  13. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! – Benjamin Franklin

  14. Woody, that Executive Order follows a long string of E.O.s that were written many times over the years since America became an armed world power.

    Thomas (Jefferson’s Library) if often updated on the subject of American survival using the same E.O. procedures. The last one I remember was put out by President Clinton and in due time was removed from the Thomas Files. It was picked up by Jeff Rense who became the king of conspiracy spreaders.

    I discovered back in 1992 when I went on line trying to present my warning signs to many voters over the subject of NAFTA. I joined up with Perot and went door to door trying to get the message out that our economics would be destroyed if we accepted NAFTA.

    That was 20 years ago and many of us discovered how uninterested the American voters were to be warned about anything. Having the Internet tool and locating sites where we could deliver our message of warning proved to be useless.

    Pushing any involvement in individual freedoms was overpowered by Americans who wanted government controls over our businesses, our schools and then our personal choices. In any society this is called Socialism.

    I can live with this system but I still feel that many of us can break away from this overpowering government control. We could do it through electing new Congress members or working on our individual states to act as individual entities within the USA.

    Somehow over the years, Americans want to be just like other Americans divided up by color, sexual preference and religion. Sure we can get over this attitude but it will always start in the home. There’s the rub. Our homes are run around what is on the television.

    So, until we are willing to turn off the TV and Computer games for a couple of hours a day and dialog with our children, they will always be slaves to the system.

    If we were really smart, we would be pressuring Obama to present a program for job growth within the private sector. We would be pressuring our Schools to push for increasing their academic schedules and presenting job opportunities with classes that offer training.

    As it stands now, there is nothing presented by the GOP except their social programs. There are States where the citizens will always need federal leadership to keep them from sinning. Why fight it? We can always move to more Liberal areas.

    We have our candidates and we should know by now which Congress members must be removed. Hell, we all worked for candidates who did not vote according to our desires; throw the bastards out!

    • It’s been done before is the worst excuse. Moreover, few other Executives have shown such disdain for the rule of the law as the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Codifying that we have no God given rights, only privileges granted by the government, goes against everything we stand for and our very contract for our consent, the Constitution.

      It’s no surprise the wording is close to Executive Clinton’s. It’s pretty much the same people running this Executive that wrote Clinton’s back in 1994.

      Vote them out?

      Would a government willing to take your food, water, and your very life if they deemed it necessary to their survival hesitate for a moment to rig an election?

  15. Yes, Democracy is a flawed concept. That’s why we weren’t given one.

    We allow it. All that’s wrong with America, all that’s wrong with our political system, all that’s wrong with our economy and our society…

    We not only allow it, we vote for it.

    We vote for it.

    And we’re about to do it again.

    Congratulations America.

  16. Assaults on the American way of life are riding a parabolic curve that nears its upwardly accelerating shift. I posted three articles here yesterday alone (which did not clear moderation) that illustrate our perilous state of affairs. They weren’t from fringe sites, either.

    One third of high school seniors don’t even know what’s in the Bill of Rights, a quarter don’t know who Hitler was, and Orwell… don’t even go there. Dumbing down the populace is the modus operandi to seal our fate.

    No amount of peanut-butter-and-jelly journalism can smooth over what’s to come.

    • I will vote against every incumbent. The lesser of two evils will be the one who is not currently in office. Party affiliation will not be part of the decision tree. What they say is their platform will not be relevant.

  17. Perhaps I should put it more succinctly:

    It doesn’t matter who wins. The USA as we know it will collapse anyhow.


  18. Thank you Doug, for clearing the air for much of our discussions here and at R.R. We Americans are a diverse group of individuals and our debates do add to the flavor of CHB.

    I think the mass invasion of privacy that keeps so many really good Americans from running for public positions may be responsible for our coming up with loaves of white bread.

    We face the major “big one” in November and trying to sort out which candidate will not embarrass us seems to find us lacking in Republicans who have any interest in America’s positions on global conditions. All four of the current men focus on making America over in the image of “top Christian” as proven to expose these four men as totally unprepared to face the issues of war and survival.

    Had I been told when I was 21 years old (voting age) that America was a Christian Nation, I would have searched for another nation that did not include restrictions against others. I can see the appeal of Canada and even Mexico as places where the individual was still the base of interest.

    The GOP got its chance to force Christian values on the people and it turned out to be really bad theater. The move turned against people of color including Latinos and homosexuals and then finally the entire group of women voters.

    America could use some strong Christian leaders who preach hope, charity and love. That is not what we got! Can we start over? No! not until the anger is put away.

    Do we have to wait until another major disaster hits our homeland? Americans act with love and charity when our neighbors are hurting but our hands are tied to prevent the attacks from others.

    President Obama is not our enemy. African Americans and Latinos are not our enemy. Women and gays are not our enemy. A corrupt government has stirred many of us to demand a change. The search for leadership has missed the mark.

  19. I would agree with Publisher Thompson that yes, America will survive, but I suspect that the American Empire, as currently constituted, will not.

    The USA’s current position – The most powerful military, the most widely-used currency, the great concentration of wealth, resources, talent, and skill, the “shining city on the hill” – will fade away just like every empire since the dawn of civilization.

    The parallels in how they rise and fall are numerous and varied, but there’ll always be an England. Spain and Portugal lost the new world, but kept their part of the old. Rome is a great city. There’s still Baghdad, Jerusalem, and Gizeh. Et cetera.

    Even America as constituted may change – There could be another Constitutional Convention, secession, or even civil war. What’s left may or may not be “America”; depending entirely upon your definition.


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