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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gingrich vows to ‘probably’ stay in the Presidential race.


Newt Gingrich and wife Calista. He says he's not going anywhere (AP Photo/Daily Herald, John Starks)

When it comes to getting out the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a simple message for all: Hell no, he won’t go.

But now Gingrich appears to be hedging his bets, saying there is “probably” no circumstances that will cause him to withdraw from the race before the party’s convention in Tampa in August.

“I’ll be with you in Tampa,” Gingrich said Friday in CBS’s “This Morning” show.

“Gingrich is caught in a situation where he can’t, at the moment, withdraw gracefully and his ego won’t let him quit,’ a long-time GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue.

The bombastic former congressman from Georgia has captured primaries in only two states: South Carolina and Georgia. But when asked Friday what conditions might lead him to withdraw, he responded: “Probably none.”

“I have 176,000 donors at They want me to stay in the race,” Gingrich told CBS.

Gingrich’s determination, however,, is flying in the face of political reality. He runs well behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in the delegate chase.

Only Texas Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, who has won no primaries, has fewer delegates and less of a chance.



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3 thoughts on “Gingrich vows to ‘probably’ stay in the Presidential race.”

  1. It was reported on Morning Joe, that Senator Santorum explained that millions of Conservatives will not vote for Gov. Romney should he be the candidate. The news ribbon also said that Ron Paul would not support Romney.

    This is chilling information because it shows how divided the Republican Party has become under the power of the religious right.

    In my world, the GOP is no longer an American political party but a party for Christians only. Twelve years ago I was told this would happen and it did.

    • Hi Sandy!

      You do have a good point…The latest PEW research study shows the Republican party becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of America…

      “The Republicans really are the party of white people, and especially older white people,” Kohut told reporters as the poll was released. “They’ve done nothing in this campaign to make themselves be more favorably viewed” among other parts of the electorate….

      GOP: Old, white and in trouble, poll says –>,0,62506.story


    • In my world, the GOP is no longer an American political party but a party for Christians only.

      Sandy, to your comment I would add the word “ecangelical” to “Christians”.

      I was once a proud Rebpublican as were my parents and grandparents. But now that the party has been captured by the evangelical Christian right, I have not so much left the party as the party has left ME.

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