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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Newt Gingrich’s delusional view of himself and America

Newt Gingrich: Turn out the lights, his party is over (AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski)

Fading Republican Presidential contender Newt Gingrich just can’t understand why the media, the voters and his GOP counterparts can’t “comprehend” his “big ideas” for America.

With his fundraising drying up, virtually no endorsements from the GOP establishment he once represented as Speaker of the House and nothing left but his massive ego, Gingrich continues to compare himself to Ronald Reagan and clings to the claim he is in the race until the convention in Tampa this summer.

Speaking at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Palatine, Illinois, Gingrich said:

The thing I find most disheartening of this campaign is the difficulty of talking about large ideas on a large scale, because the news media can’t cover it and candidly, my opponents can’t comprehend it…Let me talk for a second about technology and grand opportunities. Other than Ronald Reagan, I know of no Republican in my lifetime who’s been able to talk about this. That’s why I’m still running.

This is vintage Gingrich, the pseudo-intellectual who is convinced he’s the smartest person on the planet, the egomaniac that believes he — and only he — has the answers to bring change to a political system that is “methodically and deliberately stupid.”

“Newt is a legend in his own mind,” a long-time GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue. “He’s right when he says no one comprehends him. No one understands why he still doesn’t get it. Even his own party wants nothing to do with him.”

Gingrich fails to realize that he is a product of the system he now derides, a classic political opportunist who rode voter discontent into a GOP majority in the House in 1994 and then — in traditional Washington style — abandoned most of the promises that brought him and his party that victory.

His “Contract With America” promised “wholesale change” to the way Washington worked: Term limits, an end to packing bills with Congressional pork and a dismantling of the old boy network on Capitol Hill.

But — one by one — those promises fell by the wayside. Term limits hit the dumpster first, driven by the reality that power had an expiration date under such change.  Under Gingrich’s brand of “leadership,” the House passed a massive transportation bill packed with pork and the new speaker packed House committees with his cronies.

The Speaker who promised a returned to ethics and honesty resigned under a cloud of scandal of an affair and a book deal that padded his bank account.  His second-in-command, Texas Congressman Tom Delay, found himself under indictment and quit in disgrace.

But disgrace in Washington is a short-term affair. Delay beat the rap, got rich as a Washington power broker and appeared on “Dancing With the Stars.”  Gingrich and his latest trophy wife ran up huge bills at Tiffany’s, paid off those bills with fat cat contracts with FreddieMac and other government agencies and ran for President.

But voters beyond the beltway don’t buy into the Washington way of doing things and they don’t see Gingrich as an outsider who can bring change to the system.  They see him as just another political hack whose bloated, puffy face and $5,000 suits represent the overweight, bloated, get-rich-quick way of political wife.

Newt Gingrich may think he’s the smartest guy in the room but — in reality — he’s just another political failure who can’t read or represent the will of a fed-up electorate.

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7 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich’s delusional view of himself and America”

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  2. Newticles latest 15 mins of fame are almost up. Let’s hope this blow dried piece of cow turd will now have the decency to go work at the Heritage Foundation or one of the other right wing non-think tanks he is perfect for.

  3. Yup. Just look at Newt’s $2.50 gas plan.

    First, remove bureaucratic and legal obstacles to responsible oil and natural gas development in the United States offshore and on-land; Second, end the ban on oil-shale development in the American West where shale gives us the potential to produce three times the amount of oil as Saudi Arabia; Three, give coastal states federal royalty revenue sharing, so they will have an incentive to allow offshore development; Four, reduce frivolous lawsuits that hold up energy production by enacting loser pay laws; Five, use new oil and gas royalties to finance energy research for all of our natural resources; Six, drum roll, get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency and establish a new Environmental Solutions Agency!

    Only problem is supply is already at all time highs. It’s the market that is divorced from reality. Speculators outnumber actual buyers by two to one. That means 66% of the oil “buyers” are banks that do nothing but flip the contracts and keep bidding up the price.

    If it speculators were removed from the market, or at least held to the traditional rate of 30% of the market, then oil price would be around $20-40 per barrel or $1.50 to $2.50 per gallon of unleaded.

    A simple market moratorium on oil speculation could help save our economy. But I guess bank profit is more important than citizen’s solvency.

    • A simple market moratorium on oil speculation could help save our economy. But I guess bank profit is more important than citizen’s solvency.


      I say make that approach PERMANENT!

      Simply make it illegal for speculators to “flip” contracts. That is, force them actually BUY the oil at the price they bid…even if the market value when they buy it has gone down.

  4. Gingrich did show a lot of political skill in 1994 when the Republicans took over the House, without anything resembling a new idea. Newt’s “Contract with America” was a repackaging of old ideas. And ever since 1994, it’s been downhill for Gingrich.

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