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Sunday, June 9, 2024

A three-way split for delegates from Tuesday’s primaries

(AFP Photo/Sean Gardner)

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum picked up at least 29 delegates Tuesday after winning the Alabama and Mississippi Republican presidential primaries.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich added at least 24 delegates and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney got at least 22. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was being shut out.

A total of 107 delegates were at stake Tuesday in Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii and American Samoa, and 32 were still left to be allocated. The breakdown:



Delegates at stake: 37

Romney: 12

Santorum: 13


Paul: 0



Delegates at stake: 47

Romney: 10

Santorum: 16

Gingrich: 12

Paul: 0

Remaining: 9



Delegates at stake: 17

None allocated so far.


American Samoa

Delegates at stake: 6

None allocated so far.


Grand totals to date

Romney: 476

Santorum: 246

Gingrich: 131

Paul: 47

Needed to win GOP nomination: 1,144

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2 thoughts on “A three-way split for delegates from Tuesday’s primaries”

  1. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was being shut out.

    Poor Representative Ron Paul, he just doesn’t amount to much does he? That odd little old man Ron Paul and that egotistical ex-Representative and nut case Gingrich need to give it up and go home.

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