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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Is Ron Paul’s campaign in trouble?

Ron Paul (ABC News)

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, the maverick Republican/Libertarian known for his small but loyal legion of enthusiastic supporters, is facing increasing frustration within his campaign, wariness from a major financial contributor and concerns over a lack of wins.

Frustration overflowed in a campaign conference call Wednesday after Paul’s failure to capture caucuses in North Dakota, Idaho and Alaska — venues where the candidate boldly predicted victory on national TV two days earlier.

And the leader of the Endorse Liberty Super PAC said Wednesday he is rethinking the group’s multimillion-dollar financial support of Paul’s campaign.

“Yes, we are reassessing our efforts,” Endorse Liberty Abe Niederhauser told Politico.  “We will continue to support Dr. Paul, but ultimately, we support an idea.  We will support candidates who uphold the principles of liberty.  We may also get involved in some of the Senate and House races.”

Endorse Liberty, funded primarily by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, spent $2.94 million for Paul in January and is running short on cash.  The group reported less than $61,000 cash on hand after its heavy investment in Paul.

Campaign sources also tell Capitol Hill Blue that contributions from other sources have slowed and they expect a further drop after Super Tuesday’s disappointing results.

In a Wednesday conference call, Paul’s campaign aides openly expressed frustration over a campaign that draws large, cheering crowds at events but can’t translate that enthusiasm into votes.

Said Paul senior adviser Doug Wead:  “Did they get overconfident?  We’re digesting that.”

It also appears Paul’s cadre of youthful supporters are looking elsewhere.  Tufts University for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), found in exit interviews and surveys that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum garnered as many votes as Paul from young voters as Paul in Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia — about 88,000 votes for each.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished close behind with 86,000 votes.

“Paul counted on his youthful supporters,” GOP strategist Arnold Block told Capitol Hill Blue on Wednesday.  “Now it seems they are shopping around.”

“So far, the Republican primary shows a strikingly even race for the youth vote, with no candidate really winning the race for Republicans’ allegiance,” CIRCLE director Peter Levine told U.S. News & World Report.

No one expects Paul to drop out of the race but if his contributions continue to dwindle and he can’t pull off a win soon, he may be forced to scale back his campaign.

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14 thoughts on “Is Ron Paul’s campaign in trouble?”

  1. I feel the biggest problem is not the fact that Ron Paul has a lack of support, but more so the fact that too many DUMB Americans are supporting either Romney or Obama without any real reason why. Under Obama, he promised to cut the budget spending back in 2008 and raise taxes on the upper class to help balance out the economy. Mitt (Puppet boy) Romney holds similar voting records to that of Obama’s record as far as what we should do to fix the economy. Then you have Obama himself making excuses that he can’t pass the tax increase on the upper class because the Republican house is blocking him. Yet, we were in a really bad recession in 1992 and 4 trillion in the hole and President Clinton balanced the budget with a Republican majority in both houses and we ended up with a 300 billion dollar surplus. Maine and Iowa have already admitted that voter fraud had happened during their primaries. Yet there are still way too many americans drinking the Obama and/or the Romney Koolaid and stating that there is no conspiracy and that the economy is improving despite the fact that the unemployment numbers are misleading due to the fact that they don’t count the underemployed and those who have quit actively looking for jobs because they feel that no full time jobs are available for them. I have a link to a CBS report which talks about the misleading of unemployment numbers and I heard another CBS report that stated that the average american takes about 8 months to find full time employment. That is ridiculous when you consider that the longest I’ve ever gone without a job at all before the Obama administration was 5 1/2 months. I’m proud to say I support Ron Paul. And I feel sorry for the dumb americans who don’t support the one man who not only has a clear concise plan on how to fix the economy, but also wants a return to following the constitution instead of disregarding our constitutional rights like President Obama has with the NDAA and OPEN acts one of which was passed without the approval of the Senate.

  2. Paul is a great candidate. And indeed he has been slighted by our media. Even Jon Stewart, not only noticed it but even spoke of why no on pays attention to him. He has been consistent more than anyone else. He has never voted to raise taxes or go into wars we shouldnt be in, in the first place. He has voted down everytime thigns that would take away our liberties because he believes in freedom unlike democrats and republicans. He is the only one tha would indeed be a real help to the counrty. Its sad that people dont want to see it because he is “extreme.” Johnson is great but Ron Paul is just as libertarian as he is (only differs on abortion). I do hope one day that we wake up and see the truth, they all stink except for Ron Paul.

  3. Ron Paul had to know he was facing an uphill battle coming into the race. If nothing else Ron Paul has escalated the fact that our liberties are being eroded. I commend Dr Paul for staying the course and making the most of the opportunity to inform us the citizenry of the challenges we face and how unconstitutional the federal government’s actions have become. Funny how I hear the other candidates now waving the flag of liberty once they saw how passionate we Americans are about or rights and freedoms. Any one who thinks the Medias agenda has been anything else other than weighted to corpocracy is fooling themselves. The machine wants someone who can’t beat Obama.

  4. Ron Paul lost me with his own words. The media has never influenced me as I have a single agenda. Romney has shown me he is not a gentleman when it comes to women. Mormons held out for years to keep the women home and pregnant. When will the GOP understand that not all Americans are white Christian straight men?

  5. Given the challenges Paul faced from the media and his own party, he’s done pretty well. What challenges?

    First, they failed to even acknowledge his existence. This allowed other “frontrunners” like Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain to rise in popularity stealing portions of Paul’s platform. Soon Paul became to popular to ignore.

    That’s when Media stated unequivocally, “Ron Paul can’t win. He is unelectable.” And when Ron Paul did come close to winning, did they say any different like they did for Santorum or Gingrich? No, they didn’t give him extra air time or even say he came in second. They would say things like, “Romney won with Santorum and Gingrich coming in near even, skipping the fact that someone else took second.

    Coming close to winning was the last straw. It was time to bring out the 25-year old charge of racist newsletters to ensure the average person thought Paul was a white supremacist, whether it was true or not.

    And when that failed, the GOP miscounted the votes, let dead people vote, reported the wrong vote tally, and cancelled elections due to one inch of snow saying those citizens votes will never be counted.

    So am I surprised that Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign is failing?

    Is it any wonder more and more people are turning away from corporate media sources and political parties?

    • Oh yes, it’s always the media’s fault. I’ve heard that tired old cliche for more than 40 years. Watergate was the media’s fault. The media gave the nation Jimmy Carter, which is a crock because 72 percent of the nation’s daily newspapers endorsed Gerald Ford for election in 1976.

      The media has never had the power that opponents claim nor has it had the agenda that fanatics create out of thin air.

      Ron Paul loses elections the old fashioned way: He doesn’t get the votes: No fraud, no conspiracy, just a lack of support.

      • 89 seconds ring any bells?

        I’ve never seen a sitting Congressman running for President get so harassed and disrespected by our media. It is disgraceful.

        Why does Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and people like Rudy Guiliani get more respect from media than Ron Paul?

        And you can say, “So and so torn into Palin,” which is true, and I would expect some media to show bias toward different candidates based on their ownership/editors. But to have every corporate media outlet consistently attack Ron Paul?

        • Can’t speak for other media outlets but Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, et. al never got any respect here. Then again, we’re not corporate media.

  6. The research from Tufts University says otherwise about Paul’s perceived “lock” on the young but then I’ve never known a case where a Ron Paul supporter lets facts get in the way of their own spin on reality. 🙂

  7. Utter crap.

    Young Paul supporters will not go to Santorum.

    Santorum will continue to have a monopoly on the blue hairs, the GOP establishment will continue to shut out the Paul supporters (and all the youth and enthusiasm they bring to the party), and the GOP will gradually fade away….and Capitol Hill Blue will continue to offer weak analysis.

    I hope Paul goes third party. The GOP deserves it; and it is the only way Obama will be challenged on his pro-war, pro-bail-out record. Romney certainly can’t challenge him on that.

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